HUGE thank you



Good evening everyone I’m Tim this is my first post and first off id like to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge as well as showing genuine respect and curiosity for the chemistry involved.

I’m a post-Bach doing organic chemistry and environmental research over the past 3 years and I love this place. I’ve visited Denver and Oregon to attain more knowledge about the industry and talk with consultants/visit labs but id like to ask if anyone knew of positions for analytical chemist or processing in Florida.
I don’t mind if its a different state but it’d have to be discussed. I understand analytical equipment and purification, researched in biogeochem.

Again thank you I look forward to talking with you all in the future.




Thanks also your walkthrough made me happy cause I was mid distillation when I read that you walked away from a pass :joy:


Hopefully @THChemist can help you out as I know he’s in FL and works at a pretty big outfit in FL. I think your someone that can probably fit right in there.

Yeah. I’m not some trained chemist. Just a concentrates lover trying to purify my own medicine. Wish it all was cheaper here. Then I could stop making it and support my local dispensaries but it’s still a rip off here.


Oh please, I can learn from everyone, I look at it as an scientific art form brother I just hope you continue safely as you do already and with as little mistakes as we can hope for. I’m just glad you can get your meds. But yes ill try and contact him. and i feel you and pricing is only going to fluctuate due to the new farm bill .