HTE formula recommendations?

Happy sunday everyone.
I have some HTE that is pretty thick(moves a big slow within a few seconds not runny at all) im looking to run 40% with 60% D9

was wondering if anyone can hook it up with an SOP, im trying to use a mag stirrer for test batches then my cat x1000 after i get it dialed in

I was thinking getting disty to 90-100c to pour then letting it cool a little and adding the hte, my only question is should i heat up the hte and if so to what temp roughly? as its to thick to draw through a 14ga needle

Don’t heat the hte separately.

Just microwave the d9 until the viscosity is low enough for your stir bar to create a vortex then pour the hte in and mix. Try and fill quickly and don’t expose the hte to oxygen and heat for any longer than you have to.

Bonus points if you squirt some argon into the mix


thanks, dont have any argon on hand.

Would you recommend mixing in a mason jar and capping it until ready to fill

Do you think the hte will degrade even if i do like x2 30 sec bursts in the microwave with it capped?
Its just thick and hard to pour out i dont want to have a glob come out and overformulate

You don’t need to heat the hte just scoop it in with a butter knife or something.

And make sure once u start heating things everything is set and ready for filling. You don’t want to heat the mix up again if you’re not prepared.

Just focus on working efficiently and it’ll be fine.

Argon is cheap and on Amazon if u can wait 2 days for this it’ll help


do i just spray a shot into the mixing vessel?

Yes just gently spray some in for a few seconds. It will displace Oxygen and will help the terps and disty not oxidize as quickly


Any special method of spray n cap? I was thinking of using my n2 tank w a manifold connected to this. Spray n cap quickly w 2 people??

I use the cf50 which I can’t backfill wout leaking.

Edit: since argon is heavier than air I guess n2 is not as good of use…

Don’t put the in the microwave. Try not to heat it up at all. Maybe use a heat pad to warm it up

The insert gasses in this case are used in the mixing vessel not in the actual cart filler.

The cf50 is quick enough dispensing with a small enough reservoir that even when running fairly hot on the heat pad it’s a non issue imo.

The material should be out of the mixing vessel>fully capped cart in under 5 mins so I don’t worry about blanketing the filler rezzy on the 50. You totally could though just might get a little splashy if you’re filling it all the way to the top like a madman when you go to spray it in.

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The only thing I’d ever microwave is raw distillate. I would never microwave terps. Imo I’d use a Small table top convection oven. Put it at 150F and leave the HTE in their for 5-10 minutes or so if you absolutely have to heat up the HTE. Hope this helps.


It’s probably not a good idea to cap a container that has solvents in it and stick it in the microwave. Could get a lil explodey


sounds like too much HTE to me…but that will depend on the specific HTE you’re dealing with. don’t suppose you’ve got a COA showing cannabinoids AND terpenes in there?

what made you land on that ratio? have you done any test batches? no, a single cart won’t be exactly the same as a larger batch, but it will give you a decent idea if you should be running 10/20/30% HTE


good thread. i didnt realize you can buy small amounts of inert gas. will be giving that a shot, thanks!