How to store sugar and diamonds and bho shatter.

I’m sitting on mason jars and sheets of product. I currently have the sheets in the freezer and the jars in the cupboard. Is there a better way to store my product. Does the freezer hurt. Will it hurt if I dont freeze my jars?

Dont freeze you will get your product wet. Also when you take your product out of cold if you dont let it breathe you will create nucleation from the spontaneous evaporation of terpenes.

When I do freeze I make sure to double or triple vac seal.

Fridge is more ideal but not if it’s full of food that might leech a smell or moisture to your product


Every slab is placed in parchement and vacuum sealed in food saver bags. Placed in a big tupperware storage that is 12x24. This is placed in a fridge around 35-40F

Diamonds and live resins if still in mason jar. Vacuum seal mason jar with the mason jar sealing attachment foodsaver makes. Then Place mason jar in a Food saver canister which is vacuum sealed as well…Placed in same refrigerator above.

Smaller jars when vacuum sealed inside of a bag sort of get sealed as well with the pressure change…Placed in a vacuum sealer bag all laid flat. Those are too placed in a large tupperware container as well.

You can see a pattern here…LOL Nothing ever gets the freezer treatment as i think it causes too brittle.