How to spot a broker

I am a extraction lab in colorado. Im not sure i follow the 4500 marker thing but i am an extraction lab.

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Farmers are business savvy, which is why they sometimes sell crop themselves and sometimes partner with a marketer for bulk selling power. Theres value capture as a component, and the one who holds the note should get most of the spoils.

Curious on the storage facility… can you clarify the manner in which the product is stored (bagged after dried and shredding; bagged after dried and bucking/shucked, something else?)

Escrow is expensive, but there are better ways of doing business that coincidentally eliminate the phantom brokers as well.


There’s always bad apples in a bundle broken_glass. And since I’m not a farmer nor do I run a lab. Sure… I’ll take the title of a broker. The difference between us and the “broker chain” is we don’t have one… We do purchase our own product and store it our facilities. Once that’s sold, we are direct to farm as much as possible. But yes. I’m not a farmer. So for that point. Sure, I’m a broker. However, we don’t have 10 mouths to feed. We are paid by a pre-negotiated rate from the farm. But I’m definitely sensing the sarcasm. It’s ok… We know we hold value on every transaction. Because buyers and sellers keep coming back. They trust us and like to work with us.


AMEN. Thank you for this.


I admittedly don’t have years and years of experience in the industry…But why would escrow be a bad idea? Seems like the most reasonable way to make everyone comfortable, no?


Sounds like you can just replace “broker” with “middleman”, which is what most low level hustlers are, a 3rd party between a customer and a supplier.

What I see is “con men” or people that act as 3rd parties with Capitol or product, actually have neither, organize a transaction by playing both sides and confidence, then makes a profit of said transaction. Start with no capital or product, end with profit but no further capital or product.


A middle man that buys product and resells it, is perfectly acceptable imo.

A broker that has no skin in the game, seems to be the problem


Difference between the two in my eyes?
Middlemen aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.


If that’s the way you run your business I wouldn’t call you a broker I’d call you a distributor. If you own the product you are doing the right thing. Brokers literally do nothing other than talk and try to make money off of things they have literally nothing to do with and generally don’t have a complete understanding of the industry. Brokers are here to make a quick buck off of doing nothing.


Countless successful farms are grateful for distribution companies. OLCC is one of the better models.


It’s easy enough to move product without a broker joker trying to make his points doing nothing.

A lot of fuckery going on. My buddy got the same POL video from 2 different people on different sides of the country about different product.

If they are more than one person away from actual product I would be hesitant


So now I’d say if you see isolate below 3500 for single orders probably walk away. But isolate prices are dropping like a rock currently


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These prices are SUPER high. But then again the report is like 4 months old. Crazy how much prices have dropped across the board in 4 months


dropped alot since june

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Brokers with little experience are the worst to deal with. “Let me send over these messages/pics to my guy and see what he thinks… Not sure what he’s asking but he wants to know if you got this available? Can you drop it .25¢?” How about you let me talk to the damn guy so you don’t ruin this entire transaction!! You are the guy with the least experience and no money in this why are you doing the talking :rofl:


July spot


Exactly, I think middle men get too much hate. Con men are a whole different story

I thought exactly the same when I got that report the other day, immediately checked the date, which accounts for a lot, but still seemed a bit high for biomass on a PPP basis.

Whoever’s making these benchmarks have the highest prices I’ve ever freaking heard of.

6000 for a kilo of isolate?

9000 for a kilo of distillate? Maybe thc free… but even then that’s so insanely high who’s paying these absurd prices.

Is the refined hemp oil thc free? Cause a 5500 average is actually a little low.

But if it’s hot disti then that’s INSANELY high. Average would be probably 4000 and even that’s probably a little high