How to Re-crystallize

had a interesting little happy accident when i was finished up some slabs a couple weeks ago.

i had accidentally left one midsy slab in the oven that was on the top tray got completely forgotten about

when i was going to go clean the oven i had found that it had grown diamonds inside (not exactly a nucleation because stability was still there.
(video below)

is there a way to dissolve this and re crystallize it even though it has alot of undesirables?
( I know of the main ReX solvents *pentane, heptane, hexane, but am not sure of their actual application)

photon noir from ig had a very informative post but he was using thca vs a dirty slab like I.

i just want to know if this will dissolve the impurities and precipitate out the cannabinoids
currently experimenting with acetone and a sample of the crystalized slab above.

You should dissolve your already made crystals and re cristelize those this will defenatly make cleaner crystals
If you where to drop everything in solvent then a controled crystelization can also make cleaner crystals

dont have “ready made crystals” just 84+ grams of the slab that has thca in it.
you check out my video?
i want to see if i can get those to reX mate.

Well yes then dissolve in solvent my choice would be butane
Then pentane
Acetone or ethanol last
Don t use hexane be cause it has a super low scent treshhold and will be hard to purge clean

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I’ve had this happen before, they were individual faceted stones, and clear as hell, no bigger than 2 grains of rice, which you can separate from the slab with a lil heat and a course mesh screen/filter.
I didnt try to reX on this batch as the terpy mother liquor was thick and was perfect for my needs. Looks like what you have there in your video.
What kind of impurities are you trying to remove by reX? or do you wanna reX so you can make larger faceted diamonds?