How to post in future 4200 so that more people in need can see?

Hi, Bro,

This is June from Shanghai Linbel, I am green hand in future-4200. We are really good manufacture for cbd line equipments in China, could provide many types good equipments. I want to bring more good and cheap equipments to people who need them. But I am not familiar how to post to make more people can see, if any bro know how to post? :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards!
June Sun

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Everybody in the forum will see this post. If this have equipment to sell then you make exactly 1 post that contains all of the information, and equipment to be sold. It would probably help if you put up prices, and pictures. There’s no reason to make multiple for sale posts, and cools get flagged for spamming. Have a good day!


Thank you very much, if you mean creat one post is enough, although I want add different equipments later, I only need to add it in before post?

No you would use 1 “topic” or “thread” as your own personal sales thread. Any time you have a new product or update you would make a new “post” in your sales “thread” instead of starting a new thread.


Also if you they edit their post, that will take it to the top of the list as well.

At the end of the day, if you have more than a couple products it’s much easier to present them in one place

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I love how every Chinese junk slanger is a hot Asian chick lol.


OK, friend, I have to learn it more how to do, lol, thank for your kindness

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Some dudes just want to be woman I guess

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I still don’t know which channel could add new product, where is my sales “thread” channel :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Equipment sold goes here: Latest Classifieds topics - Future4200

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@June123 Watch this to see how to start your own sales thread


thank you very much, this is very clear, let me have a try. I will consult you if there is any problem, you are so kind.

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That is very nice of you!

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Thats Thailand not China


yes, that’s not China


Dear, how do you think post? :grinning:


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