How to increase proof of ethanol?


Can someone give suggestion on equipment best suited for raising the proof of ethanol for a large scale hemp extraction facility?

is there something the matter with the 95% etoh 5% n-heptane?

Call a shiner

Dry using molecular sieves or CaO.


Thanks for the response, do you think molecular sieves would still be efficient enough when dealing with higher volumes of ethanol, say 1,500-2,000 gallons?

Look here since process chemists made this journal.

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No sir! Asking this question in reference to the use of any ethanol product, looking for some info to help a customer out.

Asking how to “raise the proof”, rather than “reproof”, suggests someone trying to start with lower than 190. Which is why you got that question.

Having a reflux column (that you can place) on your recovery still is one option, molecular sieves are another.

Many (not all) report that their FFE & rotovap return 190 when fed 190. So avoiding water pickup is possible.


There may be legal impediments to raising the proof of beverage alcohol.