How to homogenize a Co2 Crude run!

Hi everyone!

Okay. … How can I get a proper uniform mixture of crude, in order to get accurate test results of the material! Obviously if I test different parts of the crude mixture I get completely different results of cannabinoid contents. How can I homogenize the batch WITHOUT using ethanol or introducing any other compounds.

A heat plate with slow agitation ? I think the crude will just get stuck to whatever stirring device Im using… Please help!

Put all the fractions into a single vessel, then into a vac oven set around 100-170 F depending on how much you care about terps and how long you want to wait, then wait for it all to melt together. Give it a shake/stir/swirl and take your sample.

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Vac oven or hot plate, 105-110F is sufficient to liquify, then you can either agitate with a utensil or on a stirring hot plate for 10min.

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I absolutely would not go above 115F, 170F is going to fuck your shit up and you don’t sound experienced enough to deal with the results. Unless you are decarbing, but even then do it after “winterizing” as heating up the fatty acids will leave you with undesirable results.

Excellent ! thank you, I have not tried to heat 5-10L of crude before, and the next round I have to use clients material, and thought I would ask.

client wants just crude. Not winterizing

With that volume I would recommend using a larger vessel with an overhead mixer rather than hot plate or oven.

mixing crude with an overhead stirrer is like stirring cotton candy… I don’t like the hotplate cause its concentrated heat on the bottom… perhaps a water bath like a double boiler style?

I only mentioned that in the context of taking a sample, didn’t expect him/her to be heating a big vat of it, haha.

If I’ve got a few hundred grams I’m in a rush to heat, I pop it to 170 and keep an eye on it. Way easier than waiting 3 hours for every single layer to melt.

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I agree re: that volume on a hot plate, mixing any thick resin is like cotton candy until its’ liquified, the other options for mixing on that volume aren’t great. I’ve got a CAT Scientific homogenizer for that volume but I wouldn’t use it on fatty crude.

By the way, any idea what said “undesirable results” would be? Isomerization?

undesirable results you mean from using the hotplate and stirring arm? Im not worried about over heating it and degrading the thc to cbn if thats what you mean.
I am paid on a per milligram of cannabinoid content I return…so I cannot have 500g stuck to the stir arm, because Im not able to use a solvent to get it off.