how to hemp

With the passing of the farm bill many states are revisiting and changing their outlook on growing and producing hemp.

If one were interested in trying to put together a business model for a hemp farm, with little actual knowledge of growing hemp, where would be a good place to start?

I really appreciate any help in advance!

Deciding what your market will be based on the needs of your customers and available resources.

Take into account laws and regulations. People selling you stuff in this new market don’t usually care once their products are in your hands so do the “due diligence”

I think the first questions are, what are your resources (land, equipment, ect) & how is your knowledge of farming? What kind of capital do you have and what are your state laws? For example, California is still working on their hemp growing regulation and it will be legal to do so maybe in 2020 growing season. Your state may be easy or hard, but that’s where I started.