How to handle 'spam'

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IMO this post isn’t spam, though it is an ad which is what the CannaBusiness section is sorta for. I am all about making sure each post has a place.

It appears to be a legit person (be it monetl himself or not) and they have tried talking to members but didn’t do so well. They keep posts down to 2-3 a month it seems.

In the case of hardware dealers, if they start running over the front page, we ask they contian all their updates in 1 single post. In this case he’d have a “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel” mega thread, and users can hide or mute it if it’s not content they want to see.

@Montel mind trying the Mega Thread method out for a little bit? It should lower the heat and spam flags.


I consider this post spam, as it’s from a fake member using someone else’s name, and they won’t actually take the time to have a conversation with anyone. If they are only here to post their bosses canna trash…that’s spam.

Spam somewhere else.


Flag it. I already did. Maybe he will get silenced with enough flags. This guy sucks…


I flagged it too.


Doubt they stay long enough to understand.

I wouldn’t flag it if he kept in one post. Even though he is a fake…

Until he does that I will keep flagging him. Fuck this guy.

Thought that was helping…and better than telling him to fuck off…

I’m here to help master @sidco, shooting for that level 4

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2-3 posts a month seems to be fair for a poster like this. If its every week or more I’ll agree with your spam flags. If I disagree with your flags the system likes them less and less.

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Does master montel have you on payroll?

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Someone here to simply promote their shit and not partake in the community isn’t spam…got it.

I’m gonna post 3 ads a month about my dirt moving business, and 3 a month about my fabrication work so I too can spam up the community…I’ll just loosely tie it all back to weed so it’s cool…


It would be nice if the threads the equipment sellers madee could be autosplit the thread to a thread they’ve already created.


If I disagree with your flags the system likes them less and less. :point_up:

What does that mean,?

It means he is the law! like Stallone in judge dred


That’s fine. How many equipment sellers also participate? if it is really off topic (has nothing to do with canna) be sure it’s in the EC. There was never a rule saying the person promoting had to partake in the community. Hide the whole section, ignore the user, do what you gottta do. I am sure if you post 3 ads a month about a dirt moving business, and 3 a month about fabrication work you’ll likely also be ignored. This at least seems on topic and in the right category (even though I did ask for the mega Thread option).

Not possible currently, but no one wants to piss off the community and sellers are very open to ‘doing it the right way’ even though we have no real guidelines. Feel free to let the seller know to post in 1 thread and they usually take a hint, otherwise send me a DM with a link.

There is an agree/disagree ratio for flags. If someone flags a bunch of stuff and I don’t agree with them they will slowly get a lower score. The system takes the score into account when taking automated action (hiding posts n stuff).


If this is spam we should decide on a universal rule like X promo posts a month limit, or these users should start hiding CannaBusiness which is traditionally treated like the catch all 'I dont know where to post" category. A lot of posts there should be elsewhere (for sale, cart section, help and support).

I think the forum has spoken in regards to @Montel being a spam poster. Most of the user base appears to want that account banned even…Which is why I had no issue flagging that post as spam.

I think the issue here is he doesn’t agree.

I don’t want to run in circles here.

If someone claims there is a spammer it is usually evident by the post history. This is clearly someone promoting their episode and in a mannor much less offensive than other posters IMO. Is this a Motel specific or a problem with all promoters and how should one tell the difference?

Nah… we’re good. Enjoy your forum.

Spammers don’t reply to your questions when you ask them. “Montel” didn’t seem interested in conversing with anyone, only worried about advertising.

I’d call that a spammer.

Spam doesn’t have to be offensive.


Yes…most of the forum holds this view based on the previous thread. The ones who operate the forum feel differently…it’s their forum…it has its own lab…they don’t need any further input from me…but if others hold this view…speak up