How to find a growing location

these are full spectrum LED’s, and id like to replicate sunlight for the sole reason that id like to have greater control. not to mention, these LED’s get insanely bright. i feel thatthese COB’s are worth it.

I’d actually like to change this topic towards just finding a space usable for clandestine activities. not only do i want to grow, but i also want to synthesize some DMT from tryptophan.

nvm ive found a place. its a small office complex @ 830^2 FT for 1100 per month has about 3 rooms

I don’t know, man. You are kind of asking for trouble if you are in State that doesn’t allow weed.

Might want to consider moving to a state that allows home grows.

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If you’re trying to grow 2 plants… and make dmt(which u don’t need much space for) then really you really should just be looking for a friends shed or a cheap shitty apartment with no super close neighbors. At 2k max budget no one here is going to be able to really point you to something. For the operation your talking about, you really literally need a big closet… renting out a commercial office or something to do this seems silly and unsafe in legal terms.


Step 1: Find cheapest 2 bedroom house possible with 2-3 car garage
Step 2: Build out/grow in 1 bedroom and sleep in the other
Step 3: Reinvest profit into more lights, equipment, plants until bedroom/grow room is maxed out
Step 4: build new room in garage space 1
Step 5: repeat step 3
Step 6: build new room in garage space 2
Step 7: repeat step 3


Step 4.5: make sure you have a constant current setup if you are using the grid


It doesn’t take long to max out a 200 Amp circuit when building out an indoor grow. You will also need cooling.


Steps contingent on having a standard 200amp panel and once you have 3 rooms build, initial 1st bedroom/growroom would be converted to a veg room… Also, you have to flip flop the lights (room 1 12 on/12 off turns off, room2 12 on/12 off turns on)

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Step 1. Make sure you don’t have a smart meter in your cannabis unfriendly state so the power company doesn’t send them boys. :man_facepalming:


Scary what they can see:

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Yeah i kinda forgot that step… might be kinda important :rofl:

Do these fit on the balcony of the apt? :rofl::rofl::rofl: For those that don’t know the power company knows exactly how many ballast, fans and pumps your running. They watch your cycles also so the know when your in veg or bloom.


Growing in an apartment is just such a bad idea… so many ways for something to go wrong. I refuse to believe there is a state in the us that doesn’t have a rural zone


What do you mean by rural zone?

Unincorporated, farmland, wooded, desert, mountain, hill, swamp, ect

Oh but they do exist.

DELAWARE :clap: IS :clap: NOT :clap: A :clap: REAL :clap: STATE :clap:


There is always the hood too

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:exploding_head: its not??? I’ve been living a lie!

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