How to find a growing location


So, i have an ambitious plan to grow, but i definitely cant do it in my house, and i need a space to do so. anyone have an idea that’s not too expensive?


Let’s start with your budget for said ambitious grow.


2K per month maximum, though the size does not at all have to be large, just suitable for clandestine growing operations.


Yeah, so I’m not sure what your trying to grow with 2k a month. Why don’t you elaborate some more on what your idea is. I’m going to go out on A limb and guess it’s 2k a month for a lease. If so that leaves the rest of your budget for said ambitious grow.

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There are ambitious growers with hundreds and hundreds of acres. That 2k maximum budget… that gets you a studio apartment in most cities. I would echo the others, what exactly are your definitions of ambitious? When you said you can’t do it in your house, I feel like you’re not talking about acreage lol. Either way this is a great place to seek help, but provide some more details… by my experience in Oregon, 2k is getting you nothing… what’s your scale and actual goal? Profit? Personal stash? Hobby?


With that being said to actually add something constructive… a very simple start would be to check craigslist in areas where growing is normal and abundant. For instance in southern Oregon, Craigslist is full of lots for lease, failed turnkey startups looking to sell off, etc. tons of properties with water, power, greenhouse set up.

Again, at 2k max budget I’m still curious as to what your goal is, but that was atleast an actual constructive answer to begin. Good luck brother :slight_smile:


I live in mid Texas where a 1 bedroom apartment is just under 1K per month, and im more than happy to start off small (1-2 plants) and re-funnel the profits back into the Grow-Op. my plan is to make distillate from plants i grow myself. id like to be able to do hydroponics.


4x8 grow tent with 1kwatt light. 75/25 Coco coir/perlite. General hydro or canna nutrients. You can do this almost anywhere if you use a couple carbon scrubbers.


Good luck. 1-2 plants will get you a few ml at best.


Gotta start somewhere!

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outdoor and trail cams


:gorilla::gorilla::gorilla: seems right un his budget. Don’t expect to make disty from a 1 lighter my bro. If you have 2k a month to invest I would save that for a year and then put up a 10 lighter.

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Certainly don’t want to discourage anyone, but your plan thus far just doesn’t seem like it’s realistic or fruitful. After growing 2 plants, trimming, processing, how do You plan in processing it? Open blasting? Then how do you plan to winterize/filter. And how do you plan on distilling? You’re not gonna have anywhere near enough material for your plan. I would say to start, grow your two plants, learn as much as you can, and just enjoy yourself some home grown bud.

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If I was going to grow in a 4x8 tent, I would use 2x600watt lights instead of 1x1000w. Light distribution is better, and plants can get a little closer to the lights without burning. I’d do two plants under each light, all the same strain in the tent. Keep the plant count down.

If you don’t know how to grow, start small. Learn to walk before you try to run.

I would also think about running a second flower tent, using the ballast from the first on on a flip flop.

Each 1000w of light produces 4000BTUs with HPS lamps, so you may need some extra cooling and dehumidification.


i have an extensive knowledge, that’s not the problem. i just need a grow location. 2 plants was going to be sold as bud just to be able to funnel money back into the project.


I plan on using Yuji LED’s for my project as they almost exactly replicate sunlight.


Why not just use sunlight instead of trying to replicate it?

I did a LED grow once, but was not impressed with yield. Luckily the lights had a 90 day return policy.

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Cobs were the worst scam ever

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cobs? please explain


Chip on board led. If you end up having issues growing, you put most of your funds into your upfront and will have to lose out big when u sell everything off