How to distill solvents



What kind gas is that ur using, I’ve NEVER seen such


Our units have a secondary evaporator attached to the unit. We load liquid solvent into that sidecar evaporator, and distill it out of that unit. That way any contamination in the pot is distilled out and removed before it ever touches the part of the extractor which handles our biomass or extract.

If you’re having trouble getting solvent to flow, use your recovery pump, if you have one, to assist by sucking vapor out of your evaporator (collection pot), and pumping it back into your recovery tank. If you’re running passively, you can apply heat to your recovery tank or put your collection pot under colder temperatures such as using dry ice.

In general, solvent will always flow from high pressure to low pressure, and from high temperature to low temperature.


Now that is how a professional hashashan loads solvent!!


When you run 24hrs a day you gotta figure out a way to keep those wheels turning! Every minute of down time is lost money.



That one was especially bad because it was 2 tanks but its 99% pure ntane ill have to look at the tank again to see where its from but i wanna say purity cylinder gas from ann arbor welding supply.


Ive been doing it like this for a couple years. Since my collection vessel is rack mounted and a pain to take apart I setup a large “fill” pot that can be simultaneously filling my system while running the normal side without a hiccup