How to dewax live resin runs after using Only the stong sauce tek??

Hi I am wondering what the best procedure is to dewax live resin after you pour into jars using the Only the strong sauce tek.

I usually jar in a freezer overnight and then dewax through a buchner funnel. My concern is that I don’t want to filter out seed crystals of thc-a which also seem to be precipitating from the mixture while in the freezer.

Any ideas on how to dewax without removing thc-a?

Yes …don’t do!

Freeze your material columns and inject cold solvent no soak…u’ll leave the fats and wax behind!

Then there is no need, just start OTSS Tek
That’s pretty much most the ppl around here sop


Curious, do you think this same process would work for Rosin extracts as well?

I’ve already heard about ppl freezing buds then pressing to get more pure products…and I heard those bags really help pull down to certain microns

I’m bho man though so I really don’t know

Yes!!! Just tried blasting for the first time in my lab I built today. Live run. Cold alcohol/dry ice bath for the solvent. Dry ice for column. Nitrogen pushed. Such a great product!