How to convert THCA to CBN


Hi does anyone know the temperature and the length of TIME needed to convert THCA to CBN.
Thc To CBN?


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Here is an interesting snippet about using iodine. We have heard of some studies using iodine, toluene and uv light to convert thc into cbn. The article even mentions doing cbd->cbn. (This might suggest that there is a conversion of cbd->thc->cbn)

This other study is dense with decarb info, so if you search for CBN then you can scan the article for anything that mentions it. here’s a clip mentioning certain temps and times, but this study is mostly on decarboxylation.

“Maximum formation of Δ9-THC was observed in ∼5–10 min at 145°C followed by a significant loss at longer times possibly due to evaporation of Δ9-THC. Dussy et al.6 also heated pure THCA-A in an oven for a fixed time (15 min) at 120°C, 140°C, 160°C, and 180°C. The reaction products were also analyzed by HPLC/DAD. Conversion of THCA-A was complete at 160°C; however, formation of an oxidation product, CBN, was observed at 160°C and 180°C.”


Thanks for information I’m going to check it out. I’m a big fan of your terps!


Also some info here High CBN Conversion Methods


You should look into getting a formally trained chemist to do this for you. There are little nuances that are not mentioned when looking at literature procedures. Your best bet is to find someone to do the J. Nat. Prod. procedure with iodine at a small scale and then scale up appropriately once that has been replicated.


Intriguing. I was told If my thc is too high, i could decarb my cbd distillate and convert the thc into cbn. How I do that is another question. Thanks for the post and the replies.


I am nowhere near a lab atm but this doesn’t look too hard. Even if it does need iodine, iodine isn’t that hard to make and dry. However I bet there is an easy answer.