How to: Convert CBD to THC mass production

Here it is! How to convert CBD to THC. Detailed instructions.

Attached is a COA of latest product.

With one set of equipment. 100L Reactor, 50L sep funnel, 50L rotary evaporator and one 20L SPD we can crank out 13kg every 4 hours or so.

Reaction starts with 13kg of CBD isolate as that is the maximum amount of isomerized product that can be comfortably held in the boiling flask of the 50L rotary evaporator.

Reaction is performed in the 100L reactor.

13kg CBD isolate is dissolved into methanol or ethanol.

Solution is heated in reactor to 63C.

300g of catalyst is added (P-TSA

Reaction is allowed to carry on for 47m to achieve the results in the attached COA.

Solution is then drained into buckets. Filling 1/3 of each bucket. 15 buckets total.

Buckets are then filled to 2/3 level with organic solvent (hexane/heptane)

Buckets are then filled to the top with water to elute the cannabinoid solution and separate into an aqueous/organic separation. Catalyst is dissociated into the water alcohol mix while the cannabinoids go with the organic solvent.

The mix is then poured into the multiple 50 or 100L sep funnels and separated…

Dispose of aqueous layer. Retain organic layer for solvent recovery.

Feed organic solvent solution through rotary evaporator and recover all solvent. Bath temp starts at 40C and is raised as high as 90C once most organic solvent is recovered. Diaphragm vacuum pump is then switched out to a 2 stage rotary vane to achieve a deeper vacuum and remove Max amount of solvent.

Cannabinoid mix is then poured into 20L SPD and distilled to remove any remaining solvents and byproducts (p-cymene)

Reaction time can be decreased to achieve more ∆9 or increased to make all ∆8.

Bam THC distillate on the cheap.

I hope this information serves all well and helps make the consumption of THC for medical and recreational purposes more affordable and available for everyone. CBD is legal to ship throughout the US and most parts of the globe. THC will no longer need to be shipped across borders.

Also I hope that this information brings about or helps push through the global legalization of marijuana.

It costs $300-$500 to make one pound of 92% THC distillate. Let’s bring the price of that 25% THC flower down to $125/lb =P

If anyone appreciates this posting buy your CBD isolate and equipment through me. I can also come in as a consultant to assist in the development of labs of scale for minimal cost.

Current CBD isolate pricing
50+ $900
100+ $800

I can be reached via Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram


What if i already have the equipment. Still get a consult with purchase of cbd?

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Yes I can consult with purchase of CBD.

You probably will need a few extra things and I can give you factory direct pricing from China. The Chinese are actually out and about and back to work. Factories are running. Shipments are going out.

Let’s change the THC marketplace!


i dont think ur gonna change the thc market too much when ur COA says 51% thc, id work on getting the d9 higher, 0%cbd with 0% cbn after a conversion process is impressive though


39% ∆8 THC also… Still THC just not scheduled in Oklahoma. In some states this would be 91.29% THC

Combined ∆8 THC +∆9 THC which are both THC is 91.29%

The change in the marketplace will happen because CBD isolate is priced at $1000 or less. You can make a kilo of ∆8/∆9 blend THC with 90+% purity for ~$1000. And this can be done rapidly. On the same equipment that producea a few liters of traditional distillate a day you can produce 50 liters in the same amount of time.


all labs will report d8 seperate from d9. Almost all of them will only include d9 in their “total thc%”. For people who are dummies or people who take your material to old labs, ur COA would come back as 51% thc because not all labs look for d8


D8 is still pretty good though… It makes it more mellow for most… Great for soccer mom’s looking to get giggly instead of totally trashed…

D8 also has lots of medical benefits


Yes im familiar with d8. I know that if i was presented with two COAs one with your numbers and another with 91% d9, id go with the d9. Im just saying, if u got that d9 higher ud have a winner. For now its not that special


Very true when I get my R&D lab tests done I have to get the “boutique cannabinoid” potency package test done or it would only come back with d9 and not even show the d8 content.


Exactly, so its a big risk selling this stuff if ur client isnt familiar with d8 testing. They will be really pissed when they get it tested themselves and only see the d9.
If you had lets say 80% d9, 10-15% d8, then id be happy with that cheap liter, i think 80%+ d9 is the golden ticket


True but we are up front and fully disclose. The product is quite popular in Oklahoma. Also… It is so so cheap…


Don’t get me wrong I like d8 but almost everyone I’ve showed my 1:1 coa to haven’t been too impressed by it or even wanted it.

Honestly you really gotta be hitting at least 80% d9 to have a product people will actually be interested in.


I can prob get to 70% ∆9 real easily possibly 75%.

I just haven’t disclosed the parameters to the people who are actually making the stuff.

I have already designed a contraption that could possibly create all ∆9. Just waiting to build it.


I’ve seen COAs here posted of 90%+ Edit: I could be getting confused with seeing A D8 result

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Those are the bulk buyers. If you put your product into a retail product people will love it. It will gain traction.

I have done it in Oklahoma.


Careful doing it retail. Its definitly a no no converting non psychoactive cbd into psychoactive thc and selling it in stores. Oh nvm i took that litterly

It is not prohibited in Oklahoma or California. Although not specifically allowed either.

Legal markets. I only operate white market. Any black stuff that goes on I specifically ask to stay uninformed by all the people around me.


@Stevenvhoang how much would equipment like that cost to set up? Is there smaller equipment to achieve the same result on a smaller scale?

New to the scene :laughing:


Where are you located?

My setup would cost 35k

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