How much weight does winterization remove

Hello I was just wondering how much % of weight you lose from your crude oil when winterizing. I know it’s going to vary depending on starting material and what not just looking for an estimate of what everyone else experiences. I’m using trim fyi

if you don’t pick them up, you don’t have to drop them. a lazy sob like me looses nothing on winterization,because they work hard to avoid it. -70C solvent

hydrocarbons or ethanol.
CO2 is a different beast. and it again varies on how you run.

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About 20% after decarb to, is what my numbers have been for years. 15-20% unless like @soxlet said you use very cold temps in your extraction. I average a 8% loss just from decarb

don’t follow the weight.
follow the mg THC.
the right question is what % cannabinoids do you loose upon winterization.

and I don’t know.

warm solvent will get you more cannabinoids.


iin my experience 10% loss on winterization, even more with carbon. Decarbing is around 10% as well

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