How much should I charge

What rates do you guys charge for material processing?

I currently charge
50% yield for any trim run
10% yield for nug runs

Let’s say I take the crude and then turn into distillate, should I charge an additional percentage on top of the 50%?


50/50 at the end of the day sounds appropriate.


That’s what I was gonna say. 50% of final product is pretty standard. I’ve certainly taken a less share running some super top shelf nugs knowing the resulting concentrate would be worth taking less.


Same. If they yielded enough, I’d take a lower percentage. I wanted them to come back, and I was making what I needed to off the run, so I was good.



If i know how crappy (fans, sticks, not good sugar due to lazy trimmers) the trim may be, i do a 60/40. But only on bulk 15lbs+


And how much is fair on nug in your opinion?

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Much more than 10%. I’d do what ever I thought was fair for both parties in the end. I ain’t trying to get rich off one person. Like @Dred_pirate said. I wanna do peoples work forever. I personally like toll processing for people. It’s like free money.

If I’m running nug run stuff. Usually after I do a test and have a baseline. I’ll make a flat rate offer based on my work. If I’m running like 5-10lbs of nugs for someone. Where I know the final yield with be over 1-2lbs of oil. Well. I might take 25%-30% to get them to come back. Maybe even 20% on 10lbs. 160-180g for a days work seems pretty good for me.

I ain’t watching anyone pockets. I feel like If i make a fair days wage and move on to the next


Thanks, I’ll give all first time clients 10% and then charge 25-33% if they like my work.

Swerve towards that 30%. You need to eat, too.


Yea but I’m in a new city and I need to meet people.

Sac town dm!


I completely hear you. Just don’t work so low that you can’t charge more.

Once you realize how much you are worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts.


50/50 straight up. Make a great product and they will beat a path to your door. It takes a craftsman to make quality top notch.


60/40 is straight up too

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I had to start with that after a bit just to get them interested. Then I’d tell em that if I got a steady 30% and my cut was 30g off each lb ran. Then we were both happy.

Back then, I was getting $600oz. 2lb run paid my week. Not to mention the gram’rs that went out, I was getting $40 all day, $30 for homies. Staying small is more lucrative than one thinks.


It’s all about having a satisfied mind. That goes for anything in life. Happiness is happiness. True joy and contentment that only the good Lord can give. No dollar amount to gain it :slight_smile:


I’m up in Canada. Most do 50/50 or 500$ per #
I currently ask only 250$ per or 30% per 5#
Think that’s reasonable for a small processor

When you’re at the grocery store and want to make dinner are you worried about what type of dinner you are capable of getting?

That’ll be your answer.

I used to (hypothetically) do 60/40 or if you were paying toll, 30% of your product price. You get $450 oz for the wax I made you. You owe me bout $140 an oz that I make you. Don’t pay, I keep 40% of product. Or I destroy your product at a loss of us both.



I’d rather ruin my material trying to learn. I’ll eventually get it right.

I’m seeing 40-50% up here in Maine to take biomass to distillate what are you seeing?

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So being said
For toll your asking 140$ per oz of final yield? Sorry got lost in translation.
Say Final of 5 units was say 20oz? You’d ask 2800?