How much should hash rosin cost?

Dude nail on the fuckin` head. If it can’t kill you it’s not much fun to play with


Just don’t wear lots of clothing. Insulation and thick clothes to keep you warm are capable of soaking up lots of ln2 then freezing the shit out of you. Loose clothes, shorts, and maybe flip flops. You don’t want ln2 to get stuck on you.

But I would fuck with ln2 hash. Not as much as a wast of time and the need for 3-5 washes is completely unnecessary

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Sir, please, you are giving away campaign secrets


Personally i’ve never had ln2 made hash and fuck I want some

It’s hard to sue everyone for using ln2 vs just a few people.

And knowing the right equipment for this endeavor is also imperative

All you have to do is vote correctly come this election (Hint, nitrogen is inexpensive and low effort, as is firearm equipment and sex toys)


It’s actually full of terps my man, not as terpy as any diamond runs I do but still pretty good… And I didn’t pay for it this was made for me by a friend from some of my fresh frozen. I don’t think I’ve bought any extract in like 5 years so no disrespect but I’m surely not a custy lol I don’t have any rosin equipment so all of my extracts that come from me are hydrocarbon and I’ve always liked it better than any rosin I’ve ever smoked.

Show me the ‘Whos gonna give sub some hash’ poll and i’ll vote!


Str8 concentrates has laid out ln2 hash pretty good

They even made some crazy scale machine for precision

I think they blast it all with hydrocarbon after harvest for live

I’m sure it has terps, but it doesn’t look very moist. Wasn’t meaning to offend by saying you got custied, wasn’t aware of it being your own grown. Which is pretty cool and fully condone.


I know. Straight concentrates and baroni is the clear scientist. I am acquaintances with the guy who started making ln2 hash with him

No offense taken brother I’ve learned alot on this forum from reading through shit all day and I value your opinion. It’s for sure dry like a crumble/wax consistency but it seems like even when he gets it to me as like a wet moist consistancy it ends up turning to that kind of dry wax consistancy. Not sure what causes it but I figured it was normal for that to happen over the course of a week in a container?

Maybe improper storage?

All I can think.

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Even my wettest of batters will dry out if I have too much in a jar and am picking at it over the next few weeks. Does whipping them up with a dab tool give em a wet appearance again.

@Pupparoo just opening and closing the jar repeatedly will do that. Sorta why I’d never buy an oz jar of batter. It would be dry af before I got halfway through and I wouldn’t finish it. When I do that, I sell three 9.5g jars and they can open one at a time.


No it’s like once it’s dry it’s dry. I do open it and grab dabs through the course of like a week till it’s gone. He usually gives it to me in 30-50g jars @Dred_pirate

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Ahh I get it. Yeah multiple felon here, my vote doesn’t count anymore

Agreed. I always just pull grams out the jar and leave the main jar sealed as much as I can.


Nevermind - I just realized who I was replying to. Waste of time.

To answer the OP, we sell several brands in our stores in OK, none of it is ours. It goes for $60-80 with occasional specials at $50, fully tested and taxes included. We pay $30-40 and collect 16% of retail for the state and city. Not much margin, especially after 280e. Slow-moving merchandise.


You gotta pull the plants 2 weeks early to make fire rosin lol

it’s been a month, how’s that LN2 campaign going? Sounds cool!

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