How much material are you losing on your buchnner cakes?

I have been passing the oleoresin through diatomaceous and slice (x2) and the dry agent (x1) everything is pre-wet and I have used plenty of more heptane for making sure I get it all back.
the size of the cakes was small and I was using a broken 1 step pump for sucking (vacuum is not sucking is a kind of atmosphere reverse osmosis, right?) because I tough that you don’t need a big vacuum for this, (they even sell the Buchner funnel along with a handpump some other people but not I have used for a longer penis) but I must be doing something wrong as what I collect may be less than half. LOL

I was wondering what is my problem and I would love to see people talking about what percentages they lost on their buchnner cakes. I don’t know what is the estimated percentage if done properly.

Thank you very much to all of you!! and sorry if this conversation already exists.

this is a complicated question.
how much garbage is in your solution?


91 % thc but strong burn rubber smell, I got your answer, its a very important point of course, but I think that you can lose more than garbage.

so how much do you lose on this step? do you know what is the key to not losing material here?

Don’t worry so much about losing boofy material. If you are super worried about what is left behind you can always clean your media with something like isopropyl or ethanol and make some boof with it.


hey! good idea!! I will, so I will have a clearer idea of how much is left there.