How much do I sell my CBD website for?

Random guess multiply revenue by 4

Real answer whatever you can get someone to pay you for it.


Last company I sold was 8x the revenue.

We had IP tho so for just a reseller website I’d say 2-4x

How many hits are getting annually?

Is this from a single brand, white label, raw ingredients, etc?

Why sell your site?

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At this scale, annual net profit x2

Realistically, with Farm Bill uncertainty – 1x

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I think you’d be lucky to see an offer for anything. Taking over a brands customer base and loyalty when you leave it?

I think y’all are dreaming big thinking a site with 2kmo over 1 year correlates to a sellable entity. No offense meant, but someone making 2kmo in online sales is making how much of that in profit and free labor?

Cannabis and Hemp customers will go to their new site and leave the previous one in the dust. Making you have to build that customer base from scratch.

CBD stores are a dime a dozen sadly. The only value is the customer base and their loyalty. Which goes out the window when you sell.

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