How many slabs till I get a zl1

Damn man… how many slabs I gotta sling to get a new zl1… I never really been a camaro guy but shit… I want one… I’m gonna trade my truck I think… maybe buy a beater truck for work and winter… Any of you ballers out there have a zl1? What do you think about them and are you happy with it?

When I did paint and body work for GM (auto show, preproduction, concept, movie, commercial cars), we did the zl1. Super bad azz car. We weren’t “allowed” to drive them…but did anyways.


Didn’t the zr-1 have supercharger though?

Btw wrong occupation buddy for that. W the flash I wouldn’t want the attention.


Has the zo6 motor in it iirc.

If I can figure out how to get all my pics off my old lap top HD (hd removed, but have a 1tb storage thing), you’d give your right arm for some of the pics I have.


Lol I think I was on the wrong car fuck. Vette. I’ve had both

Now I rather get in big truck


I have the big truck now. .always had trucks. Trucks and bikes… cars have always been for my ladies… I was flashing way before I got into the smoke bizz… my life moto has been “Life’s to short for bOring rides”… last boring ride I bought was in 98… besides a work van here n there but they don’t really count. Like I said tho… I’ll buy a beater 4x4 to get thru the winter and work months

6.2 650 hp v8

Zl1 is camaro… zr1 is vette… both bad ass but I would have to sling more then slabs for the Vette… zl1 is about 65k zr1 about 85k… I do love that vette had gone with a rear engine… super sexy

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Tired of having to climb in … it gets old… especially if you are injured or have old people to give rides to

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Pick up a c6 wide body and get a twin turbo built. Got buddies in Texas that build turbo cars to take to the Texas 2k. I’ve rode around in a lot of 1500+hp turbo cars, hennessey built cars, even saw Steve Tyler’s Hennessey gt venom at a street race event before Texas 2k 2017 lol. 2000hp is where it’s at now days lol. Seems like everyone into cars in Texas has a 1200+hp twin turbo somethingrather.


Yeah that would be cool af… I don’t think I could afford to put that much into a ride… but something different would be nice…

This is spot on. 1200hp TT cars are daily drivers now a days. If you want to hang with the big boys you need 2k+.

Fuck that I’ll single compound my Passat with 90mm & dig on some tt


9sec 1/4mi with AC then pick up your girl for dinner. The only thing that would be close is an RS3.


Pimpin or fast…

I delivered a rolls Royce’s that had a 40k starlite headliner. And 10k x2 umbrellas. And a 30k stainless steel (raw) hood.


Dont get me started on the numerous Bentley Continental GT’s I delivered. Huge cost, and power to back (v12 supercharged). 295k


Huracan is so dope! But the pot holes up here would smash it…


cant yu just get a sataIII cord and extract all the files like that …i had to do that recently to get some old files from an hd of an laptop

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you talking about the new stingray with the mid engine? shit is sexy as fuck!

Have you seen the convertible? They are also coming out with a flat plane crank C8 R.


the hard top convertibles? dude yeah sexy as fuck man lot of haters from the hardcore vette lovers but man i think that shit looks too dope!

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