How does this Chromatograph look?

Smooth brain here. Do these Chromatographs look legit/good. Are the smaller peaks unknowns? Thanks in advance.

Natures purpose:


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Yes, the smaller peaks are unknown, but only two analytes were analyzed.

Coelution occurring on the left side of the d8-peak, which is unknown.

Reverse phase HPLC isn’t properly separating the peaks to identify and quantify.


I assume this means that this is not a “safe” chromatograph. Thank you for the clarification! It seems that we won’t be seeing one until we can identify what those unknowns actually are and how safe or unsafe they are.

I wouldn’t assume that.

Unknown compounds have unknown toxicity, simple as that.


That’s fair. Thank you for your response!

It may be coelution, it may not.

This is really my only problem with the chromatogram, whether or not there is just peak fronting or if that is actual coelution.

This would really come down to the method validation and if the lab is performed their method validation in such a way that they know that bump is delta 8, and that the best method they could come up with involves peak fronting, then I see no problems at all with this chromatogram.

If that peak is actually an unknown, then not only should it not be integrated into the delta 8 peak for quantification purposes, but the method should really be revised to ensure proper peak separation.

edit just to clarify, I don’t want to imply that there is nothing else “wrong” with the chromatogram. Maybe those peaks are just unlabeled here but are known? Maybe they are unknowns. Obviously identification of each peak would be the most ideal scenario but sometimes that’s not possible depending on the source of the sample for this delta 8. I was merely speaking on what I noticed as potential poor chromatography for what was shown, with no other background information.


I’ve never seen peak fronting make three distinct bumps, and anyway, the divisons shows them not being included in the integration.


The first two unknown peaks are unknowns. The bump in front of the delta 8 peak is the peak fronting, or potential Co elution.


Here is an example of what we see on reverse phase HPLC. I see several similarities.


@kcalabs @Zoraku

Got another for you fine folks if you’re up to it.

A vendor on Reddit asking for someone to “tear it apart”

I am obviously not equipped to do that but would love to share. They mentioned they have something with KCA. So given all that, is this clean of unknown isomers?

Based on my very limited knowledge I would say there are still unlabeled peaks, but let me know if you’re up to taking a glance.

Cheers! Thanks in advance

No, it’s not clean of unknowns. Most everything has unknowns, so get used to it. Nobody should be saying with certainty that it’s not safe. Nobody should be saying with certainty that it is safe. It’s just a risk assessment each person has to do for themselves prior to consuming. The more information you give people the better informed they are. How much more needs to be said on the matter?

Ask them where they got the d8-THC acetate standard if you want to help.


What’s the percentage of folks that take that assessment?

I have a hard time getting my store owners to understand this subject.

I have all the one on one time needed to explain…and I have several times… without success.




Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to give this a look over.

Asked. I will update you if we get a reply.

More people than before. It’s helpful that people on this thread are sharing information. People on the Reddit, although few in numbers, are doing their best to inform others. There is still a percentage of people that believe just bringing this up is fear mongering, but that is to be expected. In a way, I suppose it is. Especially if you are coming from a reality where everyone has told you this is 100% safe.

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