How do i make carts smooth and not harsh with no MCT?

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more distillate less terp


14% terps if for sure high and your cause for harshness


Drastically lower terpenes for sure.
Terps are solvents and are irritants
Lower heat settings also less irritating


Thanku all i will give that a shot🙏

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Lower heat settings 100%

PAX Era thing I like the most is that the low setting, after sipping for a bit, still gets you super baked. Bonus is that it’s best for taste as well.

Other than that, 14% terpenes is too high. My experience says 8% is perfect because people can take a huge pull and not feel the throat harshness as much. At 10% and 12%, you need to be cognizant of how long your pulls are so that you don’t get that irritation in the throat.

A lot of it is experience by the end user. As a manufacturer, I learn most of this stuff because of my experiences developing and using the product. End users are likely going to lag behind the lot of us that produce vapes because there is such a gulf in knowledge between manufacturers and end users. At 12% terps, you can take many little pulls instead of one big one. People always ask me when we smoke “how come you don’t cough” and I answer that I’ve gone through the coughing stages and learned when to stop my pulls near the limit where it would be irritating.

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Holy hell, 8%?! The only people I have seen suggesting anything more than 5% terps are terp vendors, and they have a pretty obvious reason to instruct people to push their terp content as high as they can. I had to crank my carts from 5% down to 3% for a relatively smooth hit. I’m considering starting at 1% and working up from there on my next batch to see if I can improve it even further. Flavor is great and all, but it’s kind of pointless if only a small percentage of customers can actually vape it without coughing fits.


I prefer 8% myself; personal perspective. I can take big hauls of 8% and it doesn’t hurt my throat…when I make 3% vapes I just don’t get the flavour I want.

I’m willing to bet you that 10% is closer to the average use range around the country than 5%. I assume we both agree no dilution agents are used. Many using 5% terps will further add 5-10% cutting agent like “flavourless terp”.

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@Demontrich just trolling you here but you like his post and not mine even though you’re rocking 20% terps? lol! Saw you post earlier that you use 10%!

“4g disty
1ml Terps” --> this is nearly 20% after density factored, no?


To be fair, I have asthma so I have more sensitive lungs to begin with. All of the terpene diluents on the market aggravate my asthma, but MCT oil does not for some reason. I’m not trying to say MCT oil is conclusively safe, I’m just stating my personal experience with CBD vape carts. MCT based carts with very low to no terp content are the only CBD carts I can smoke regularly without having to reach for my inhaler every few hours.

THC carts on the other hand are a whole other ballgame. If you spend the money on quality carts, you can make pure distillate with 2% terps work just fine in them. Other than greed, there is literally no reason to cut THC carts.

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I’ve always wonder how ppl come up w this… And it’s not the first time I heard this

4 x .10 aka 10% should be the right answer right?

I’m new to mixing vapes but idk if it’s anything like the Litre to grams w disty


I’m outta likes for the day.


This is not fb or ig. No popularity contest here. Just who’s disty tests more potent type of stick measuring.


terpene density is roughly 0.85 g/ml

they obviously vary but it’s a range a lot of them are in.

I said nearly 20% but I didn’t care to do the math…0.85/4.85 = 17.5%


That isn’t what I meant nvrmind was took out context my bad

my bad, the litres to grams with disty comment made me think that’s what you meant…what did you mean?

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re-reading your comment you are right. 0.4 would be 10%.

my equation is
(n x 1.10) - n
where n = g disty

What carts would anybody recommend that can handle 90% - 95% disty per cart? :exploding_head:

Ascent all ceramic do a great job


@Ascent 91% raw disty no problems.

The ccells @drake has works as well with 91% raw. 4x 2mm holes


I don’t understand why folks are adding so much Terps saying they need them to cut the disty. Maybe the Terps aren’t as pure :man_shrugging:

I use a less than 4% dilution ratio of @Sweeterps flavors with ZERO harshness in my asthmatic lungs.

That’s 1 gram disty to .04 gram of Terps. If I make 25 cartridges I use 1 gram of terps total.

I have access to some pretty decent quartz carts that have been doing amazing with my thick oils. I’ve heard good things about ascents carts too.