How do i get verified Please

How do i get verified Please

I know “certified” does that help? :wink:

Search results for 'verified' - Future4200 should have that info.

short answer is DM @future.
there are instructions for doing that in one of the hits above.

Search results for 'verified cbd' - Future4200 probably makes it the top or second hit

Due to you attempting to sell other illicit drugs here I reccomend no verification. You know what you did, and frankly I don’t and won’t trust you. You may read and discuss tek, but your future as a vendor here is gone.

Hi Really i didnt know if there was any such rule its after i started checking

bro, could you sell that on your street corner legally? Nope, why did you think it would fly here?
I don’t take this as a misunderstanding, I take it as you cannot undertand commen sense!
I repeat, do not sell your damn drugs here.
No slack…not one inch!

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Thanks man for the advice i tried to talk to an admin before i posted anything please i will like to be a vendor will only sell cannabis related extracts please

can you provide us with a legitimate business address and a license number under which that CBD has been legally extracted? Samples? COA?

the correct plea was “…only hemp related extracts”.