How cheap can it be?...

I am ready to tackle the question I get over and over in DM; what is the least expensive way to refine an isolate?

I am going to attempt this with some McGuiverish looking stuff too lol. I bet if the only consideration is the goal of obtaining dab sized samples of isolate that it is less expensive by orders of magnitude than any other way. The idea is to store the med in the Daly Sublimator then run off just enough isolate to medicate with. Once dialed in on procedure this would be cool if I can pull it off as a hyper cheap way to enjoy fresh isolate without breaking the budget of the working man or the disabled on pension.

I can choose a bigger sized boiling flask and I just might. Ideas?


Cheapest way to make isolate that I have heard of is to take your distillate (maybe even crude idk) put it in a mason jar with pentane and put that bastard in the fridge over night. Pour off the pentane (reuse it up to 3 times) and crush up the crystals to make sure all the solvent can easily escape. So for cost I think a liter of pentane (n-pentane) is about $65 off of amazon and a mason jar is about a buck.

It would have to be done with crude with thca content, disillate is decarbed. Distillate cant produce crystals untill you add the carboxil group back.

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Ah i was referring to CBD

makes sense now :grin: