How can I find buyers for Distillate?

Hey everyone,

My company just started producing distillate 85-93% THC. 90-99% Cannabinoids. It feels as if we are spinning our wheels a bit, working so hard to find buyers. We are licensed, and using ethanol for extraction. We have COAs and refining our process to encourage higher potencies. I would love some direction on how to find and solidify some solid buyers. Does anyone have any direction or advice? I would be so grateful, thank you in advance!



Perhaps look at what is selling more that uses distillate as its base ingredient. Cart sales are kinda slow atm but edible sales are still doing decent. Perhaps reach out to companies that make edibles or w/e that sells the most and see if you can work out a contract


Thank you I appreciate that!

what state?


Good luck. Licensed price of distillate is at an all time low. I’ve been hearing low 4s taxes paid for 95%+ lately.

I just saw 38 L2L

Wow where are you located? Do you think the price has anything to do with location? Or the saturation of the legal market?

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Cali distillate prices have dropped so hard that the last time I saw your guys’ pricing break down it didn’t seem to match up with current market value. Otherwise we at least would gladly buy from you. Always looking for good suppliers of cat 3 distillate and crude.



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You should make the THC water soluble and sell it as a nano product. It is popular in Colorado and New Mexico.

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