Hot loop bypass

Anybody on here have expirience with using a “hot loop bypass” on a solvent tank?

Ruins your pump. Use propane gas or nitrogen instead

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How does it ruin you pump? I have had problems getting all the gas out with nitrogen in the past…any tips?

Explain what You did ?
I can analize Where your problem was in getting all Nitrogen out :grinning:

I’ve been doing it till my PRVs come in. I just do it once or twice after I’ve gotten all my solvent through. Still losing a couple pounds of solvent not as much though. I also attach it to my column not my tank

I fill my column with gas, no sleeve, tank on ice,gas passing through coil on dry ice slurry before it hits the sleeve. Once column is full, open valve, to collection pot when gas stops falling through, add nitrogen to push out more gas. Bleed nitrogen from collection pot. open recovery valve on collection, recover. When I do this, I still get a lot of dripping from material column into collection through the recovery process…

@Infoseeker PRVs?

Pressure relief valves.

@Infoseeker not familiar with this…what are these for?

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What is is used for though?

You put them on your column/recovery when doing a n2 push they’ll vent if the psi get to high


If you dont have a prv and you use nitrogen, you just created an explosive situation. Not cool. Where did you buy your system?

This is why I said use propane gas. Propane you dont have to bleed out but can only use if your column is not chilled with dry ice or similar as it will turn into liquid at -44


My system started as a bottom feeding “terpenator”…been added to and rearranged a lot since. One of my recovery tanks had one of these valves…I know what it’s there for, but it’s never been handy to me. Any time I’ve used nitrogen to push, I keep an eye in the pressure, it never goes much past 50 psi …I wonder if I need to blast the nitro through faster…?

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