HOT DISTILLATE L2L CA buyer must remediate

Hot distilalte 90-98% THC 90 liters L2L only oil based pesticides present. $3.50 tax not included

$3500 liters ? Let me see pics

Hi. Absolutely can provide pics. Please just send a copy of valid CA license first. Unfortunately lots of users on future are traditional and tie up a lot of time without ever being able to actual at buy legal.

Hello I’m looking to get a liter if possible. Hit me back up.

Hey Sin that works please send me CA license info and then I can get you whatever you need.

Also have dirty liters available - L2L - 407-205-2244 located in SoCal/Cat City

Hi guys,

feel free to DM me with an initial list of contaminants in your hot product.
I’ll send you my CA LIC info and we can take it from there.

Hey diego. I have 30L of 90+THC distillate with Chlorfenapyr