Horrible tasting distillate

My company recently purchased a few liters of THC distillate in two different batches that were supposedly from the same processor. We used the distillate to fill carts. First batch was good. Taste was great and potency was in the mid 80s. The second batch that was purchased is awful. Although I’ve never vaped hornet spray, I can only assume that’s exactly what it would taste like. I have included the potency test and are still waiting for the complete test from the lab.

The questions I have are about the high level of delta 8 and the horrible taste. Assuming the delta 8 was accidental in the distillation process, what procedures would cause this and could this be related to the taste? I understand delta 8 would not be the cause for the bad taste but was wondering if maybe poor procedures in the distillation process would cause these two things. I suspect pesticide or some other foreign material may be the problem but I won’t know until I get my full test back. I will post the results as soon as I get them.

Our company does wiped film distillation but being in a newly legal medical state it has been hard to get enough material to process. We bought this distillate to fill orders we were behind on. I have learned a lot from you guys on this board and I really appreciate all of you and the information you all provide. Thanks!