Horizontal distillation set up

I discovered an old video showing the horizontal rig running. It was loaded up to google. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Um7z9DMmycZEJNczN1VUxaWTg


Is that a new spectrophotometer?

Very dope man. I like your style!

It is 15+ years old from EBay out of a government lab. It is a dual beam UV model and has the pour through module. It works fine but is finicky. You have to know how to deal with the error codes like sometimes I have to manually move the stepper motor driven mirror a bit to get it to home out correctly. I used to program motion controls and this is not an uncommon problem for machines of that era. For a hobby guy no big deal. It has phenomenal resolution for something on top of an Amish buffet table in the study lolz. It is pretty slow when I do the entire uv-vis spectrum at 25 samples per wavelength and 1 nm steps!!! Ouch. It has gobs of procedural stuff built in as methods and such. One reason I am so interested in refining to high purity is I want to create my own lab standard and I am not there yet but very close I think. Once I can do that then I can better use an instrument like this.

Think about the coolness of being able to produce a lab standard sample! In Oregon high purity extract is going for $120 gram before tax. Lab standards sell to labs at about $3000 per gram at least last I tried to figure it out. They sell just tiny samples too in methanol that you can’t even get high from! I vape mine…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I win.

I came a cat whisker this month from buying the 7205 model shown in this link though. It looks much simpler and faster to use and a warranty so no fiddling. I have studied all the models for a very long time and think when I do cut loose for a new one it would be this

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The huge advantage to the kugelrohr train is that when it gets to this part of my SOP the compound still has residual water and iso in the extract. It pops and sputters as it heats up under vacuum and pukes boiling flask material into the first bulb. It can pop material as far as bulb three lolz but I learned to throttle the draw down which mitigates it a bit. My blank off valve at the pump just cracked will throttle back the rate of pull down. Then I just keep ramping the temp up slowly until the popping and stuff cease. The vacuum pump ingests the water and iso vapor which is very little. Then I disconnect the vacuum hose and tilt the bulbs vertical.

Everything drains back down into the boiling flask. I use a torch on the glass to heat it and help it drain back down and I never have to break any grease joint fittings so no mess. I let it cool during this time a bit and then set it back up and proceed with terpene removal.


I know ive been looking at the ones on ebay for the same reason lol its seriously weird how we r doing the same things at the same time. did you ever consider something like this?

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very cool!!