Horizontal distillation on a budget

This is how I did it for a long time. This post repeats another one here but now with a player that serves it up fast. I still use this rig but only for terps now. With care and a precise angle and temp some very clear will come over. It sure is pretty the first few drops. This post also represents a test. I can limit views from any but listed urls. I listed here so if it works great!

As I recall the head thermometer while the pale was coming across was again 135C nominal.

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RIP @Beaker.
Further proof that ones contributions and goodwill to inspire and help can persist continually.

I have been going over distillation threads as I plan on making the plunge shortly. I have always like the idea of kugelrohr or horizontal type configuration. Reading over all @Beakers relevant posts on the subject only furthers my inclination, as well as how touted the SPD7 configuration is by some.

Just like the thread title, Im on a crazy budget, not sure if I should just pickup a cheap kit from amazon/ebay or something direct from david, or go ultra cheap more like as seen above from Beaker with a horizontal bf and and bulb tubes from Laboy.

My budget setup would basically be a cheap 2L USlabs digital mantle, with a single neck round bottom boiling flask placed sideways for horizontal orientation, something for insulating the top half of the bf. Connected to a few bulb tubes, basically very much like @Beaker has in his videos above, just using a solid type mantle with built in spinner vs the fabric type.

I was thinking of putting a anti splash adapter tube for running the heads to prevent unwanted spitting. Deschem sells a 100ml version on ebay for 10 bucks. Deschem AntiSplash distillation ball tube - 100ml

Pop that sucker off after the heads then run the mains into a regular ball tube.

I think I can put it all together for a couple hundred.
$150 for the mantle
$50 - $250 on the bulbs depending on new or used, size, mfg.
$50 for adapters/connectors/tubing

Ive got a good thermo savant vlp 120, and a rough edwards e2m8 and decent gauge, but will probably upgrade to the bullseye type that Ive seen mentioned and used by many.

So I guess looking for general thoughts, opinions or advice.

There are a lot of previous threads on running super budget setups and first timer guides and walk-throughs, but I havent found anyone mimicking Beakers horizontal style, which he has a couple unreplied to threads trying to garner some attention to it. Thinking it could further improve accessibility and perhaps improve quality if we can lower temps as significantly as hes achieved.

Hope to make some purchases of supplies before the end of the week, barring someone convincing me to pursue other options, will update the thread with the horizontal fun as it progresses.