Homogenizing large batches of distillate

I’m really stuck with this situation. Does anyone have any solutions for homogenizing large batches of distillate. I have a particular getting very picky and for the life of me can’t figure out a scalable solution that doesn’t involve massive pieces of equipment and power I don’t have. Ideally we could homogenize 50+ liter batches at a time but even something like 20 would be a help

Thanks in advance


Reactor with a standard water bath. Use ovens to melt distillate, pour in to hot reactor. I guess this isn’t cheap but I used a 10 and 20 liter reactor to make mass batches of cart oil.

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I’ve used a 20L reactor to consolidate single batch distillates into one solid batch#. Just heat up the separate batches until they liquify and then dump in rector for stirring.

My advice is to document all batches that are being consolidated and also be certain that you can mix the batches and not be worried about contamination. Definitely dont want to be adding a batch of Full Spectrum distillate to a T-free consolidation batch.

thanks! This is for cannabis so less concern on the Y free side haha. Very relevant for contamination’s though. Honestly we aren’t even usually mixing different batches but even from the same batch we have some variance and customers demanding more consistency

Yea I would always consolidate when possible. Saves you money on the testing side, instead of having to test every single batch you can consolidate a higher volume and send one test for sampling.

If you are not sourcing new equipment, then you might be headed to the stove with a stainless pot


Who is gathering the samples that show variance within a batch?

The individual containers filled from the homogenized bulk batch must themselves be homogenized again when they are tapped into

edit: just trying to imply the custees could be noobs and responsible for the variance

I’m sourcing new equipment

Just purchased this 50L reactor. Fingers crossed…my main concern is on the exit flow valve. We had tried something previously with a similar sized valve and the distillate tended to harden and clog. That may have been a result of not being at an adequate temp


do your blend around 70-80c with n2 backfilled. you shoudnt need any additional heat to get it to drain as long as you dont plan on stopping during your pour for a long period of time. i would use a 150l reactor completely full with a triclamp to 10mm ID tube for easy bottle filling, this never plugged if we didnt stop pouring until we were done. you can always use heat tape or a heat gun if you are doing this in a room with no solvent.


We use a 50L Ychem glass reactor hooked up to a recirculating heater. Can handle between 15-65 kilos of distillate, works excellent for Homogenization.

One can use these as a cost effective way to warm lots of distillate, but they’re a bit slow. Can easily warm a 5 gallon full of distillate (15-19 kilos) depending how full you keep your five gallon containers.


Believe it or not A microwave also works quite well, just havent yet been able to find one big enough for our industry lol.



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