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Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this…



More like scam coin


Hogecoin,dogecoin, ether :slight_smile:

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I own a bunch. Made some good $$ on the big Rally’s. Now I’m just humming and hawing about whether garbage coins are done forever :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a bunch of other crypto that’s been kicking some ass for me on a much regular basis :man_shrugging:

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Baby shark token?..

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Toooooo the fucking moooooon I hold a ton of different liquidity tokens, safemoon, safe mars, elongate, bonfire. And a few others I cant remember off the top of my head, they could be scams, but at the same time I’ve made a decent purse buying these tokens super early waiting till they moon 500-700% and then dumping and rebuying when they inevitably crash.

I think that’s the way to play these but idk I’m still hodling

You can make money off “scam tokens” just dont be that last dude holding the bag


It’s all a joke until the Reddit kid pulls up in the lambo :joy::joy::joy:

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a kid i went to highschool with is a dogecoin millionaire, well was, lmao he prolly still even is with the market depressed like it is currently

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I gotta quit smoking for a month . I was going to do an experiment and invest what I would spend on various crypto :joy::joy:

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nows the time to buy! everything is on sale


i recently seen a crypto wallet with over a billion in ETH… i almost shit when i seen it!

i wanna say it was off 110k investment.

edit…looked at the picture and its ETH. 385K ETH. LOL


I can’t see any of this crypto boom being sustainable long term

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it looks like the dot com bubble. There were companies that made it out and are some of the largest corporations today… but like 95% failed and lots of people investments too…

i think there will be a lot crypto remain and are massive…95% will fail


I think it’s just incentive to get people transferd into digital currency and then will stabilize

It’s definitely wild. I didn’t really know anything about it a month ago

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yeah there are some true whales out there in crypto, its a crazy thing, just goes to show how fake our entire monetary system is

its not shits going to get regulated super quick. Gov coin is on the way, its going to fuck everything. they dont want anything to be decentralized.

I think it’s near inevitable that currency and blockchain tech become massive global forces. There’s a ton of talk in Africa about using relatively stable digital currencies (ADA among others), to prevent inflationary swings and create currency stability.

(For better or worse) Having decentralized financial hubs probably makes every large trader and corporation jizz their pants a little bit. All of a sudden there’s no rules, just “value”.

I think despite this mirroring the dot com bubble in some regards (shitcoins are everywhere). We’re still just in the infancy of where the market is gonna be in even just a few years.

I don’t think there’s a “bubble” that’s going to “pop” as much as a bunch of garbage assets are either going to get eaten up by smart players, or trickle down into nothing.

If you want better coins with more upside potential check out Hoge, ethereum max, bezoge, shib, leash, rocket bunny. All a lot more likely to moon than safemoon currently.
On the binance chain bonfire, saturna, elongate and some more could all easily pop again. I find myself making more money in a given day from shit coins than I do cannabis these days.

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While it may be presently be a classified as shitcoin–how does your perspective change if/when SafeMoon releases their own Wallet, Exchange, and Hard Wallet with their own Blockchain or Triangle tech behind it? This would be a game changer and they could become a direct competitor to Binance, Crypto, or CoinBase. Thoughts?

Trading shitcoins can be profitable. It’s all whales doing contract/spread manipulation to move price around and draw in little guys. Only way to be consistently profitable is to come in, nibble on the bait, and get out for good after you see about 3-5x. Do not re-enter. Sure, a small percentage of altcoins moon and are long term holds but that’s just a shot in the dark investment.

Key is to use indicators to monitor volume/interest on low cap altcoins. Less than 1B market cap coins move quick. You get in and out and pocket a little from the whale before he robs all the cheerleaders who think the next altcoin is a “really good project” with “long term viability.” Every altcoin chart will look the same and have the same correlation with # of wallet addresses. Basically a whale attracts a bunch of gullible buyers, takes a small loss up front to build hype then pulls the rug.

Safe moon is just a bunch of cheerleaders who got stuck holding a pump and dump that happened over a month ago. It came and went. Anything after this is someone else just dangling the bait again

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