Hiring - fort lupton, co - no experience necessary

We process 25k lbs a week of hemp into winterized decarbed crude oil. Looking for someone with a little experience in ethanol extraction, or any extraction, not totally necessary though, as long as you have common sense, show up every shift, on time, and willing to learn, and you don’t have personal issues that are going to affect your work, I want to meet with you. We just setup in our new location, and we are just getting going again after a 9 month relocation. Mon-Thurs 7am - ~7pm and Fridays until we can accomplish everything Mon-Thurs and have 3 day weekends. We process biomass on Monday and Wednesdays and we only run the evaporator and finish the crude Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fridays will be finishing paperwork, any maintenance, moving biomass etc. $1000 per week to start with plenty if room for pay raises and eventually quarterly bonuses. If you have a lot of experience and require more pay let me know what you desire and let’s talk. The lab is located 40 min north of downtown Denver. Must have drivers license and vehicle to get to and from the lab.


It will be 48 - 50 Hrs a week. We should be able to get everything done Mon-Thurs and have Fri,Sat,Sun off every week. Just as we get fired back up there will be some things to do on Fridays until we get in a solid flow. The $1000 a week is just to start, the right candidate can expect to be paid much more after a few months of solid performance and the lab is cranking meeting production goals every week. And those quarterly bonuses will be very generous. I don’t need someone with a ton of experience, no experience is fine too, I can teach anyone to run this system no problem, it’s very easy, just need someone that’s intelligent, dependable, motivated and positive

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Is this apart of FMs facility in Fort Lupton?

There’s a pretty high turnover rate in this industry with techs. $1000/wk for a few months when they may not stick around seems like an easy way to skimp on labor, which is your primary cost as a business. I guess the saving grace is that this is entry level, on the job training.

EDIT: This isn’t meant as a criticism at all. It’s just an interesting take on where labor in the industry is right now.


No we’re actually a little outside of Fort lupton, my company is 1010 Inc. I do know Mike (FM Labs) they aren’t far away.

If someone has management experience and/or a good amount of extraction experience I’m open to discuss a higher pay rate to start. I can train anyone to run this system, so I don’t need experience just a positive attitude, dependability, and a desire for a long term position which HUGE potential. I’m just getting the lab going again, it’s just me and 1 guy so whoever I hire will be getting in at the beginning of our restart and has the potential to be a leader in the company and prosper greatly with us

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Looks like a great opportunity in a up and coming area. Being #3 in a successful company in a town like that could be a great future for someone, I would jump all over this if I didnt already have things going on.

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Dont mean to hijack your thread, but I am in the area and am wondering if do you do any toll processing on others material? If so, please feel free to DM me if you have some spots available to extract a small amount of biomass.