Hiring Extraction Assistant in Oklahoma (OKC/Edmond)

Hi All,

I’m currently looking for someone to help me out in the lab. If you feel you are qualified for this position, please DM your resume and any additional information you believe is pertinent. Pay is negotiable, especially based on previous experience.



What are the laws like for getting into the market there?

Has to be 75% or more funded by Oklahoma Residents.

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Looking to relocate from Alaska…

I can help if still interested. I worked as a processor for Slosson Family Farms in Tahlequah OK. I just moved to OKC. Previously I learned close loop, methods on producing diamonds, phyto remediation, etc… I’ve been following future 4200 and reading for the past 6 months. 918 908 0396 , my name is Dominic , if you’re still interested in an assistant with experience.

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not trying to hijack your thread about looking for some help, but how is the market/program/system out there?

I know they’re all medical. I visited last year and saw medical dispensaries everywhere in OKC which reminded me of the old Cali system. Is there established players or is it in infancy stages?


The thing that really sets ok apart is that ANY resident can obtain a license for cultivating, extracting, or dispensing. It just allows for so much more of an open market. Obviously the real players will survive while all the little fish will drown or be eaten, but prices are good and will stay good, because anyone can take any of there harvest walk into any of the hundreds of dispensaries and sell it. While major players are setting up as we speak (im working out a consult on a 500k sq ft indoor powerhouse rn) the market has yet to be saturated by anything besides vapes really (easily outsourced) and that will even come back down to normal as the outsourcers are weeded out.


What are the prices for high end bho extracts in ok?

Right now whole saleing at like $25/g

Diamonds will go for $37.50 if they’re decent size

Find someone yet? Just curious.

Yes and no—we’re being pretty picky in this case.