High volume ethanol recovery


Baine Marie for the win. Much safer and you don’t have to worry about scorching your oil. Even in ethanol distilling, this type of setup would have saved me the headache of occasional scorched yeast and trub. The extra upfront expense will likely save you money down the line in ensuring you don’t fuck up your product.


a remotely located on demand hot water heater, with a circulation pump.

a steam generator is arguably more efficient, but will be more expensive, and nominally “less safe”. “nominally”, because the steam generator is more likely to be professionally installed…which may balance the pressures/temperatures (dangers) involved.


So did you pick a machine yet? We are currently looking at BizzyBee, Delta, and of course Pinnacle. Agile FFE won’t be releasing their unit until Fall if you can wait.


ive got a quote in for a 100L 3mm thick stainless Vacuum rated single jacketed boiler with agitation/mixing motor for 700 bucks shipped from china. add a drum heater with PID, pot still head, condenser and I’ve got a sweet reclaim setup.


Ive got my ffe arriving in the next two weeks. Cant beat that lead time


Check these out.
Steam generator.

Falling FIlm Evaporator


If you dont mind would you mind sending specs on your ffe setup. With the 200 gallon reactor are you doing the decarb on there. We have 500k for a set up and ffe and back in a full system would be perfect.


Yes, we decarb in our system. The system has potential for crystallization, adsorbant scrubs, and more! multiple solvent types compatible

I sent you a dm


I’m super interested too can you DM me more info?