High vape temps ruin cannabis oil

Vapes play a big role in taste. Most vape systems are set way too hot. Makes the oil taste bad.

Reason is b/c manufacturers are coming from a nicotine juice background/mindset. They assume they only way to achieve high vapor production is at high temps…INCORRECT.

It’s about VISCOSITY. Also incorporating real CDT or HDT helps to achieve high vapor production at much lower temps. (Thins viscosity and creates much bigger thicker clouds)

OVERSTAND: ONE tasty terpy live resin vape…10 different batteries. 10 different tastes !!! Dab the same oil and it tastes good, off the vape tastes like poop.

Manufacturers try to create “new” different systems but it’s all the same they just look different. “This is all ceramic, special high end dentist ceramic”
:thinking: Still tastes like electricity or crap to me.

These manufacturers keep making them b/c big camps keep buying them. TELL THEM !!! how can they know IF y’all keep buying em?

There’s many variables…but buyers just want the cheapest vapes possible. It’s one of the reasons most vapes suck so bad.

Idk we need to start telling the manufacturers to change this. Keep the intake hole sizes the same…1.8-2.0mm just lower the temps.

ALSO why don’t they ever list the specs? They don’t advertise the volts, ohms and watts. Why? Stops us from learning and making them better.

Pardon the rant…just figured by now we would have fixed this issue.


We have 1000% gone backwards. We were on the precipice of amazing devices… And the best we got was the peak.

Over 8 years ago I was building RDA’s that I could rip a fucking dab off and tasted amazing… Cartomizers exists solely because they were ALREADY PRODUCED, and the end product is convenient.


Is that your desk in the bottom picture @Realterpsmatter ?


I concur. 1,000%

Seems like a money grab. I’ve talked to engineers and owners of decent size companies…

Lots of the over seas vape camps tell you w/e to make the sale. I’ve been flat out lied to multiple times…as a paying customer. 3-5 weeks to find out you got lied to

Idk if it’s a culture thing but I don’t do business with orange/yellow wrapped box companies anymore.

So dishonest. They scam a bunch of ppl then change they’re name. It’s like the same 10 ppl lying over and over.

“Hey I found your name on Google and got your email address, we have a new 2ml vape we’d like you to try” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: that’s a lie.

So wack. Why not do good biz? Create LONG term relationships …them: “meh we’d rather just lie and f everyone over”.

Why do you ask? Yes…it looks dirty. It’s just stained.

Looks a lot like another members desk that used to post a lot of pictures smoking a particular style blunt


Oh nah…Im not into blunts…been a paper man for a decade atleast.

I did like optimos back in the day day. Green ones. And backwoods when it was 8 in a pack and $3.

Also I’m open and transparent… If I was under a different name I’d say so. I only have 1 name…I had another when account was blocked but they gave it back so…I can’t even remember my other name…I think it was @goldenruleterps but it’s not showing up with the at sign.

But I’ve had that desk for many years.

DM your address so I can send out those terps


I can’t tell you how many hash rosin vape samples were in my HT judge kit that were harsh AF and it’s all due to the device being way over temp.

Had a client bring me a bunch of iKrusher pods that are 1.5ohm and 3.7v and he wants to put live resin in them. Yeah, no, don’t do that. Find some disty and put your LR in something else.


Just send them to the office. Lol


And the truth comes out…


I’m going to launch my site soon. Small single source batches. Very limited. HIGH quality real deal fresh frozen PURE cannabis derived terps. Gonna do some hemp ones also.

Maybe next month we can trade a few samples.

I’ll get a p.o. box or get a friend to get me one. I don’t have a good landing spot rn.

Just off your word…do they taste and smell like cannabis? Do you know anything about the biomass ?

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“I have a new 2ml device and I hope you could try”
Was gonna ask,now I back out. :rofl:

:loudspeaker: EXACTLY !!! Take that same hash oil out the cart/pod and dab it…tastes amazing. High temp electric vapes make em taste like trash.

Anything above 3.0v is way way too hot. Even with higher resistance. (1.8ohm) RUINS good oil.

I don’t wanna hate on any brands but I don’t really vibe w/ salesmen that don’t understand cannabis oil.

(I have experience w ikrusher. They did some corny bs with the vfire and XEN. Clearly the vfire had issues and the XEN was way better…did they stop selling the vfire? :thinking: Nope…gotta clear that inventory …even if it means sh*tting on theyre customers.)

Idk what they’re doing now…but CLEARLY they were doing corny bs if y’all remember the XEN and Vfire.

I could say way more from my experience but I’ve pooped on them enough I think. They aren’t any different than all the other bogus vape companies imo.

Yes, and so many say that somehow their coils are soooo much better than others and that’s why you can run them at 9-10 watts and get big clouds and big flavor. They’re full of shit.

I don’t really feel sorry for companies sitting on a ton of high temp inventory, especially after they’ve been told over and fucking over for years now that low temp is what we want.


Wow, that’s horrible.

It’s time-consuming for companies to switch suppliers and salespeople to give them all the information they require and win a new client.

But with repeat customers, the salesperson just takes a 10 min phone call and sells the same amount of goods, with a fraction of the effort.

So why not just treat your customers well and make their lives easier. So they make your job easier by being a repeat customer?

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EXACTLY. thank you.

I think it’s a culture thing. I’m not a racist at all. Just saying all the Chinese camps ive done business w flat out lie. ALL of them.

That slow boat takes 3 weeks plus dealing with DISHONESTY on top. These salesmen act like they have the inventory in hand…they DONT usually.

They get the money from us THEN they order from companies…takes like a week for them to receive then they send em out. Are they honest about this? NO.

I’ve told vape companies I wanted SPECIFIC specs…when I get my order I notice it’s NOT what I ordered…I email the sender “this is NOT the specs I wanted”

Them: “well we thought you could try these…we’re sure you will like them”
How is this not ripping me off??

Takes 3-5 weeks to find out. They’ve done this MULTIPLE times to me. And do stupid things like forget to send the tops/lids…chargers etc.

Then they create new names or new accounts and contact me like “hey we randomly found your email online would you like to buy some samples from us?”…ummm NO.

These are vape companies that are on future42 now…UNFORTUNATELY I’ve told a lot of china vape companies about this site. I’m sorry I did this. I hope ppl see my posts about this and make good decisions…atleast be warned.

It’s so frustrating…makes me want to smash my oil stained desk. :grin: Smh.

GOLDEN RULE !!! that is the secret to LONG TERM success.

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Yeah. I get it. I’d say a good 99% of businesses out there have employees who don’t care.

But I’m always honest and tell my clients. “It’s going to take this amount of time for shipping. But I can’t control how long it will take customs to clear the shipment”. It might not be what they want to hear.

But it makes sure they’re not caught off guard if that promised 3-week shipment takes 5 weeks and they run out of products to sell. Because customs took their sweet time approving the shipment.

I’m surprised they sent you stuff with different specs than you ordered. That seems like the best way to lose a customer. For samples, I can understand so your customer knows what’s out there. But not for a huge final order.

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I completely forgot about avd. I’ve been messing w/ all in 1 systems past few months…but I tried they’re twist and alpha w/e and the low temp is pretty good.
The high is too hot but the low is Goldie lox on the twist (square one)
And the tube like one (alpha)
Just about right. Could be a little lower.

“Quick draw” or air flow activated (no button)
But they both vibrate as you hit them…I don’t like that…Its good for blind ppl though. But takes away from the battery life imo.

Far as 510 thread stuff goes they’re better than most I’ve tried. And ticket wasn’t so crazy. But I hear now it’s kind of a challenge to buy batteries for some companies depending on where they operate from.