High Pressure Quadpod?


Does anyone know of a company/manufacturer that makes/sells quadpods with high pressure clamps instead of clover clamps?


you want one made? we could make one pretty affordably! What size were you looking for?


1.5" or 2" what’s affordable lol. I don’t want it build now but a quote would be good. Just so I know.


ok, let me get a quote together!


Here’s your quote, the legs can be configured however you like them. The labor quote included drving time to pickup the material from the yards and the welding.


just in case I’m not the only one who had no idea…


or for folks who need to know that price from @Soxhlet & @Indofab is legit :wink:

love how the all knowing one picked a quad-pod with 3 legs…


What are they used for…(he asks sheepishly)?


Hydrocarbon extraction. open blast, or “closed tube”.
The neobits/BVV one shows the complete “extractor”.

They support the cannabis in the tube, above the pyrex.
Although the complete one shows it above a silicone mat.
which is a Bad IdeaTM imo.


this is one hellva deal…very generous of you @Soxhlet. @PotHeadInASpaceSuit, you know the business im in. This is cheaper i can even buy this for and have it shipped. This place is awesome.


Shipping price was not inclided in the quote , just the material and labor. Sorry, dident want to confuse anyone!


i meant still cheaper than i could buy from china and get it sent to me. Still killing it for him


some china stuff is way cheaper than i can do!


not in this case…that is 100% positive.


Awww shucks! :yum:


Here you go @PotHeadInASpaceSuit all 304 ss electopolished ready to go! she ships today!
Worlds first high pressure quadpod I know of!


That’s freakin’ sweet.


Man I love this place!


no shit…just when you think sox is done showing off…here comes the one off custom parts! Awesome piece @Soxhlet


What in the open blast is going on in here!?


I have a bad back and I’m getting sick of lifting when I do cls. So what I figure I do is put my 2x18 dewaxing column on a quad pod and have the oil move thru Teflon tubes into the base that way I cut out lifting the column.

Only problem is no one makes high pressure quad pods which is why I asked the forum.