High cfm single phase pump options for 22l spd

I’m looking for a pump for suitable for a 22l spd.

Most pumps I’ve found of 40 cfm+ are all three phase and unfortunately I don’t have that power available.

I’d rather not run two parallel pumps ideally, so far this is the largest pump I’ve found that runs on single phase and it’s 35cfm:

I’m hoping you guys might have some suggestions for pump options. Thanks for the help.

Run a 3ph pump with a VFD on 1ph. Check out automation direct.


I was considering that route, may have to get some help from someone more electrically inclined since I don’t feel too confident doing it myself.

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Vfd is the nicest option for it gives you some pump control as well
Any transformator can get a higher voltage conected
Yust make sure you have enough amp on the transfomator for the pump
And on the breaker switch from the socket


A leybold d25b is single phase i love mine and anything over thise is 2phase

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Feel free to reach out if you need a hand, if you’d like I can walk you through it or I could even put the drive in an enclosure with a twist lock outlet for the 3ph output and ship it to you.


I’ve got a 240v single phase leybold d30a. Have yet to put it in use yet but she a big ol girl


Something is wrong with this ad.
750 watt power consumption is only about 3/4 horsepower.
Maybe is should read 7.5 kW power consumption.
That would be close to 10 hp which is about right for this size pump.
Also this is about where 240/3 phase is preferred…
You can only get 3 phase in your shop if it is wired for it from the pole to your box, otherwise a VFD is the ticket.

I just happened upon a single phase Edwards E2M40 (26cfm), if you’re still looking for a high throughput single phase pump let’s talk.


Hi I’m interested in your e2m40 what’s the ticket?

PM sent.

You can always get a three phase converter and convert your single phase to three phase.

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