High boiling diluent already in distillate?


Sorry about the title gore…

But I’ve noticed some runny stuff coming off in the heads around 160c (on my boiling flask).

I also know that subcritical co2 oil and propane oil are both pretty runny.

I’m curious if there’s some runny “stuff” (I’d assume a terpene?) That could be cleaned up a bit and used as a diluent in carts? (My terp + distillate is too damn firm in Canada in the winter in carts). I’ve got a decent diameter hole, but these things keep clogging constantly.

Curious if instead of all this mct/vitamin e etc.
The flower already gave us something just as useful?

Anyone have any thoughts?

Yeah this is an interesting one. Runny CO2 oil sometimes remains runny even after wipes film distillation and the potency remains low. I never figured out exactly what these ingredients that co distilled

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Yah… I once saw some 85% thc + 15% terps, co2 extracted, separated, distilled, etc. That was runny at room temp. And like real runny. Tested at a legit 85% d9 thc as well.

I have had similar thoughts- somehow clarifying fractions of crude oil that are particularly running for use in carts… I noticed my LLE crude oil is very very runny even though it rests at zilch for solvent residuals… I am wondering why this is the case and if others have noticed that some crude had a leggy attitude

My guess was always that it was long chain terpenes. I’ve managed to separate most of it in a wiped film first pass, by using a real pump instead of a roughing pump.

It has shown to inhibit CBD crystallization as well as lowering potency. If I get first pass below 150 mT it seems I pull more of it and get closer to 90% THC, if it’s at 250 mT or higher I can’t get it above 85%. The same can be done with CBD distillate if I intentionally co distill those fractions.


These guys clean up spd terpenes somehow

No clue how

=) it is incredibly easy… I’m literally at a loss for words that no one else has figured it out yet!

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Well are you gonna contribute to the knowledge bank here or not?


Spd with no heat, super deep vac and ln2 cold traps



Add in n2 sparging and your in business.


Yah, been toying with that this week. Been making some pretty tasty vape carts.

I don’t think you even need to go that deep on vacuum and low on temps. I’m getting some tasty carts/dabs. Though not the exact taste of a BHO, it’s not far off. And the carts are fairly low viscosity.

Assuming a minimum ambient temp of ______?

Edit: never mind, it’s relative to vacuum.

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How much of the terp are you adding as a cut?

Really looking for a better solution for the CBD carts.

Edit: I love this thread, I’ve been wondering what that clear fraction is during SPD!

I mean… If it’s already in the weed oil… Then you can certainly put it back in (I’d assume?).

I just took 6-7 different heads/terpene fractions. Then tasted them with some distillate in a dab. And decided what tasted good and then put it back into the pen.

As far as volumes. I think it runs about 15-20% pending on the strain.

The viscosity is super nice though. No clogs.

Cool, and then are you flavoring with additional terps too? I need to run an experiment with this! I have a good amount of crude to play with.

I wonder how these compounds compare to the Floraplex thickener.