HGFS extract?

High Gravity Fool Speculation :wink:

How hard would one have to spin kief to pop trichomes? Talking centrifugal rosin press. 10k G would seem like a reasonable place to start, but proof of concept could certainly be explored higher with off the shelf tek


is this somewhat like a cotten candy machine?


I dunno. how does a cotton candy machine work?

for proof of concept I’m thinking swinging bucket with a 20micron screen…and just spinning faster till it works or fails catastrophically :wink:

I’m guessing I’ll need 10k G, but might need more. 4k would be awesome. and heating at 4k till flow was achieved would be another approach.

@SkyHighLer ?!? @Plant2pipe?

Edit: I’m also sure there is math I could do upfront, but like I said this is FS oil, so I’m just gonna guess wildly for now.

Edit: Why? Because someone told me rosin can’t be scaled…and I find joy in doing that which can’t be done.

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imagine a spinning basket full of holes with a heater…


I have a cotton candy machine at home. 8 bought it for my wife 4 yrs ago…used 1x

I have a few extracts I can try out if you guys like. Have some shatter, ethanol pull n snap, distillate, kief, hash, flower



yes. exactly like that.
only faster.
with itty bitty holes!


I was aiming the concept at kief.
not sure what to expect with other inputs.

you’d need some 20micron and 40micron SS mesh, and I’m not sure your sugar spinner will go anywhere near fast enough, although it’s thermal capabilities might make up for that.

I believe I have 1 or 2 25iu mesh rosin bags when i used to press rosin.

I’d claim “it can’t hurt to try”, but then you’d burn your fingers :wink:

note: sugar probably melts fairly close to the melting temp of those bags, possibly above that temp, so only attempt if you can turn the temp down to more standard rosin temps (100C +/- 20C)

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I should have some time tonight after I’m done in the garden. I used to press rosin st 225* w/o any issues.

How to seal the bag so it doesn’t open is my 1st obstacle

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as I’ve got no idea how many G’s are needed, nor how many your cotton candy machine can generate, I don’t have high expectations of success on the first attempt. but I’m reasonably certain the concept is sound.

I’ve not pressed much rosin, especially from kief, but it’s quite clear that water content is critical when using flowers. No clue how it effects oil expression from kief.

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I have some properly jar cured flower going on 11 weeks, and some new curing 4 days.

I’ve never read a post up of someone experimenting with a $50 lab centrifuge and cannabis.

The Guild says their THC-A crystals can be made with any high THC-A oil, and they don’t use any solvents or acids/bases.

So, I think we’re missing something. How about putting some rosin or BHO, etc. in the $50 centrifuge I mentioned? Heat the tubes gently during the spin so it can layer (maybe 100-120F,) and then cool it before the spin down to keep the liquid separated from the crystals. A heat gun directed into the device or place the unit in a warm box to heat, and direct a spray of coolant into it to chill. Should the crystals end up in the tip of the vial, slice it off for collection.

While your at it toss your kief in there and test your concept.


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I didn’t get a chance to test it out last night. I’ll give it another try tonight


I tested it out last night. I found 2 bags, both were not usable. I did just drop in a few extracts to give it a shot. All it did was smoke for the most part. No “cotton candy” extract.


The ultimate :grinning:Bong
Love the go 4 iT mentality

I actually have a refrigerated/heated centrifuge in our lab with a swinging bucket rotor installed currently. It’s great for physical separation but the swinging bucket is limited up to 4000rpm although the centrifuge is capable of 15k rpm. The difficulty with putting a mesh screen in a system like this is how to keep the screen taught under the extreme G forces. I can freeze a bud sometime this week and throw it in a tube to see if any trichomes fly off and get squeezed but I’m not sure how I would fit a screen into one of those tubes. My guess is it’ll just knock off anything remotely loose on the bud. I’ve never tried solids in the centrifuge, only liquids and it does very well there as long as the liquids aren’t too miscible. Hydrosols for instance will not separate out of water.


Dr. Kate Welch and Skunk Pharm Research (Carla Kay, J.D. Ellis/Gray Wolf, and Joe Oakes) presented this at Portland State University last year. It’s a long presentation, but near the end you’ll hear Pharmer Joe state in his experience crystals are most easily isolated with a centrifuge.


Makes sense, solids in suspension are great targets for a centrifuge.

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