HG Lab, Ethanol Remediation Attempt

Hi to all, got some powder to play with trying to remediate some eth extracted at -30C, not winterized.

First experiment: celite, bentonite, AC/PVPP mix.

Not too much Remediation…

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Pic of before?

Pass it 3 more times treu the same cake let see it then


Next attempt, duble AC/PVPP - Celite,
Clearly improving…

I will use the cakes for other really bad extracts…

Wich bentonite are you using ??
And what type if A-C ?
Is it hardwood ??

30% Activity PVPP, Calcium Sodic Activated Bentonite, and Selective Activated Carbon… No more info…

My Celite, and would like to try also:

Perlite Filtration Aid

But need to verify if compatible…

Calcium Sodic bentonite interesting
Whats the ph on that ? Sounds like 9-11 ph
Wich brand

Old cake running very dirty extracts…
Let me see…

pH around 7… In 96% Ethanol…

Totally get rid of Chlorophyll… Now the Red Stuff…


First of all, thank you to this beautiful forum!
From this:

To this:

Now next move, i need 30l Buchner or closed loop Filtration!!!

Totally happy of this cheap tek!

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pH of Bentonite, around 7… @Roguelab

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Thank you sir

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Ethanol -35C, 10 min soak, fuge, and 1 pass on fast A/C cake…

Getting there
I would recomend better filtration step down to 1 micron i think it will help

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Celite 545 in the buchner

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Always use Celite 545… Cannot purify more than this…

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We are getting more and more consistent result here…
Single pass… From almost black to almost clear… Dead slow… Need to swap to CRC…!

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Start implementing an alkane and a bentonite like. B80 or t5
Makes things easyier

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Just ordered some liters of Hexane… Waiting for It… I have some difficult finding special Bentonite type…

The One i tried are not so good…

Also working on Building a small FFE for hexane… Ordered some parts…

Send me info I’ll send you some b80

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