I have a few jars of distillate with hexane in it to create thca crystals, the crystals are there and everything looks good. My question is now that the hexane has been mixed with thc distillate and has been sitting for a while in cryo how do I purge the hexane out of the jar and get the crystals to form and be free of hexane.https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4d9b8485acfa5b37d8f0ff7db53bbbe22f96fdb0.MOV

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Disstelate ? Or crude extracted
What diamonds are You mining cbd or thca?




And mining thca diamonds

Once thca crude is distilled every thing has become Thc a liquid at room temp and almost i impossible to crystalize
So either You have a cbd Distillate or your supposed disstilate was raw bho extract
About hexane
Hexane is a tough solvent for iT s smell ppm is around 30 way lower than the msd sheet calls harmfull
Best would be to keep growing your diamonds and When satisfied rinse with a low bolling point solvent like pentane ice cold


Hexane is a volitile solvent iT wants to evaporate readily so burping the jar often or leaving the lid loose should be enough with Some patience😀


you’r not gonna get any THCA from distillate. You have to decarb the oil before you make distillate which takes the acid chain away. Hexane is a terrible solvent as well in my opinion.


Thank you guys for the feed back, definitely good information and will continue to do my R&D.

Yeah, not happening if you’ve actually got distillate.

And getting that smell out will take 3 washes in ethanol.

Evap to dryness, dissolve in solvent, repeat

Perhaps more ReaDing before any more R&D? Missing that connection suggests you skimped on the research the first go round.


anyone ever use hexane in a delta CUP15 to extract?

your gaskets and seals may suffer slightly.

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Hexane is ok with ptfe buna and viton

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my thoughts were, i have a bunch of fresh frozen material, and the ethanol is pulling water content and causing the proof to drop significantly. this means i have a fuck ton of sugars in my crude. hexane extractions would fix this problem i think, correct me if im wrong please
the other option is to degum or brine wash the water solubles out.

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as long as it’s lab grade not industrial “hexaneS”
will be a nice gold extract after a required dewax.

currently dewaxing through a lenticular filter. it sucks but its fast with a nitro injection. but sugars are passing right through that shit. i can see sugars building up in the rotos

chill the etho crude slurry with dry ice before i hit the lenticular. will hexane still dissolve the sugars if it is cold? -20

Water wash the Hexane (for sugars). You won’t get a full dewax be freeze precipitating in hexane

Those sugars are not very soluble in ethanol. The only reason they’re making it through filtration is because they’re dissolved in the water that’s in the ethanol.

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You won’t get these same sugars when extracting with hexane. It can dissolve a small amount of water but it’s minute and it hits a hard limit unlike ethanol that can just keep getting more and more watered down. You can run hexane in a centrifuge if the gaskets are compatible. I actually once spoke to a man who ran butane(!) in a centrifuge at 40psi – I would not necessarily recommend that practice though.


how warm should a hexane/brine wash be?

Room temp