Heptane Extracts


Heptane used for shatter, budder etc . Compared to a ploar solvent like alcohol , which never seems to come out as nice as non ploar ( butane) . Heptane soak, reclaim, purge, oven etc .


I think one of the most beneficial parts of butane and propane extractions is that their boiling points are extremely low, so it’s very easy to purge them, thus preserving terpenes and other raw cannabinoids. Heptane has a boiling point of 98.4°C at atmosphere, I’m assuming it’d be just as tedious to purge as ethanol, if not more so.


Yea I thought about that losing ( terps ). Want a good final stable product that you seem to get from non ploar solvents like butane . You’ve seen eth shatter compared to butane shatter right ? It’s different and imo less quality. There’s a clear difference that many factors play in quality that people seem to correlate to the factor or being polar/non polar. Figured you might be able to achieve the same quality that butane gives you using heptane , besides the fact your going to lose the terps.


Heptane has a high boiling point but a low flash point. You can evap heptane by blowing on it. Heptane seems to yield a very light colored extract and the terp profile is intense…if you can keep it.


Ive been wondering why we dont see heptane more in hemp. It dont seem to leach much from inside leaf with a quick stp wash. Hell, a nug I put in jar of heptane for a week didn’t pull green… It seems that alkanes solvate trichome heads and leave stalks (or part of stalk).


I’ve been advocating heptane extraction fir like 3 years but i was mostly doing so in the People’s Republic of California. Out east you have soybean getting extracted with hexane everyday.

I’ve had the same results regarding color, and if you seek out literature you’ll read about heptane; pulling very little green even after 3hours at room temp, and yielding high 90s% cannabinoid strip.

I would like to see someone evap with a falling film. The PRIMARY problem with heptane is you can’t winterize very easily and it pulls crazy amounts of fat. However…if you decarb your hemp biomass first, a hemp heptane extract can crystallize in cold crash even with fats present.

People who know me have heard this story, but a friend did this for me and it went like this; extracted with c7, chilled cryo, came back to a frozen block of orange, set it out at room temp, fats and c7 turned back into liquid and an iceberg of high 80% isolate appeared.


So when we’re talking about solvents like pentane, hexane, heptane, etc… I can never seem to find clear information on whether or not a person has to be licensed to purchase or even possess those solvents.


Try pentane


we’ve run it in our ffe. it does get a lot off the plant without pulling greens. it’s just a lot of work to remove all the less desireables.


from experience just delivered to a business address


Two solvent processes are extremely efficient if chosen properly and executed correctly.


Do you think heptane would work with the remediation we’ve been messing with?


Probably. Heptane/magsilPR is both the basis of our pesticide method and also a good way to make water clear. Haven’t done too much with the T5 and T41 in heptane to know for sure.


In theory that would work for the hemp crude, right? Instead of having to mix it with butane again, it could just run through that and remove the undesirables, right?


That would be the result we want in this case yeah.


Between heptane,pentane and hexane which would pick up less undesirables at room temp extraction of biomass and be easiest to recover in rotovap and fully purge in vacuuum oven to make a stable shatter like product?


You’d want to ethanol then purify with Heptane


Pentane the more C in the hydrocarbon the stronger extraction power
But be aware hydrocarrbons love fats and Waxes so up to 30 % of crude can be fats etc so You have to winterize with a alcohol or Acetone and distill that of cold


What do you recommend for the separation? I’m guessing some kind of LLE? Will it make an excellent shatter? :slight_smile:


That’s a different topic this is about extracting with heptane or other non polar soak solvents. Hints the title “ heptane extracts “. Your referring to cleaning an ethonal extract. Mostly everyone is aware of alcohol soaks and post processing . I want to expand on heptane and other non polar soaks etc.