Heptane compatible centrifuge

Need help here guys…

Can someone point me in the direction of a company in China that sells good quality fuges that are compatible with heptane

or is this always a custom inquiry?

Whos using fuges with heptane or hexane, hows it working for you? Seems like this is the go to method…

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@c1d1labs im pretty sure

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What size are you looking for? I run a one with Hexane.

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Large to extra-large lol.

Did you buy off a chinese supplier?
How large is yours?

Yes. I purchased mine from kingreat it’s a BB-200. Hold about 200-230 pounds.

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Yup I got you. With the right seals and certifications. We also custom fabricate steel in Carson city that allows these Chinese models to keep running. We can upgrade the CCE30 or any other size at no cost to run with heptane