Hemp seeds small samples to large orders


Where can I find hemp seeds for growing small batches as we are trying to learn the ropes?


Hey I’m a licensed farm in southwest Colorado, and I did a small run of High CBD Baox seed if you are interested I have 25 lbs of non feminized regular seed available…


The canadians have a private project called “freedom dream” where they give out some pretty nice hemp genetics to canadian citizens. If you know anyone from Canadia that would be your easiest bet. Many Illicit seed banks also carry hemp seeds. They have reputations, but the breeders themselves could have issues. There are also state and private hemp seed banks in the united states this will be your most reliable bet, but many will require licensing and high minimum orders to work with them. There is also the option of knowing a guy and it is the least reliable or useful or easy of all.

Test every seed/clone before flowering with genetics tests and send flower samples to a lab for testing before adding that particular clone or it’s offspring to your facility of course. No one should be trusted