Hemp Seed Oil Purification

Anyone in Colorado sitting on dark hemp seed oil?

Over the next couple months I am going to be practicing RBD purification of seed oil and will train anyone that wants to play. Carbon Chemistry carries all the standard materials for the process and from what I understand, purification can double the price point per pound of seed oil.

My application test results are focused on color improvement, anti-rancidity, shelf life increase, and deodorizing.

Hit me up at Lejen@carbon-chemistry.com or DM


Dear sir,
Interested in possebilitys of hemp seed oil
I work a lot with seeded cannabis that i de seed before extraction
Say i don t deseed what would best way to extract de hemp seed oil for distillate

Anyone have Colorado Hemp Seed Oil I can play with?

I’ll come pick it up anywhere on the front slope.

Did anything ever come of this purification test? i know of a source if you are still looking for raw cold pressed seed oil