Hemp Cultivation 2020

I originally wrote this as a response to another post, but I feel its good information that some of you may find useful.

Lets touch on a few subjects here in terms of hemp cultivation for 2020.


  • CBG markets will see prices fall as supply meets demand.
  • CBD prices will rise due to the large amount of CBG grown in 2019 and new FDA regulations allowing CBD to be marketed as a dietary supplement.

This should level out the market prices for most cannabinoids.


  • If regulations change to “total THC” for all states farmers will need to be proactive on field testing and harvest windows. Harvesting will now need to be done at the correct time for their specific target cannabinoid. Harvesting and drying will now need to be done within days, NOT WEEKS!


  • Poor preparation and/or planning
  • Poor seed or starts
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Failure to utilize the proper equipment
  • Failure to join a Co-Op or other equipment sharing groups. (Sharing equipment will be the #1 key to success for farms under 50 acres)

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact me anytime.


1/3 of the farmers I’ve spoken too who grew in 2019 are not growing in 2020. Many of the traditional farmers are balking at the complexity and risk involved.


Most farmers that I know that are not planning to grow hemp again this year, are farmers that decided to build their model around the smokeable market and are sitting on thousands of pounds of overpriced biomass. Farmers need to think about their models the opposite way, biomass first and then harvest some smokeable as a “bonus crop”.

All the farms last year that followed my advice on this, are happy and preparing for this next season.


I don’t think anyone is buying biomass in the Midwest.

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That is about to change in the next few weeks. The company I work for will be.


Not a chance that cbd prices will rise
Again Thailand columbia south Afrika
Yust to name a few will enter the ratrace this year some cappable of multiple harvest per year
The amount of bio mass still. Cherished by their owners will be released sooner or later and it s a LOT
Soon thc remediation will be available
For most wich will make things even cheaper


Ya, I don’t see prices increasing either. I’m involved in multiple mass scale projects internationally that already are growing new rule compliant hemp with US price goals of $300-500/kg of isolate. That’s after processing in country then exporting…


When will kg of isolate be available for 3 to 500?

End of may i expect these prices

Damn. That kind of puts a damper on anybody looking to setup a small to medium size lab. That’s the reality of the supply and demand game though.

Ours are contracted out for fall of 2020. I expect to see prices across the board at least that low, if not lower

The hype of cbd is lowering
But it seems some big corps are still betting on cbd enriched beverages wich might get the hype back up
I also treuly believe that consumer prices must drop for cbd to become main stream
And at last any medicinal paper that gets dropped Now can have a huge influence on the market quick

We may be seeing alot of land farmed, but less than 50% of them are completely successful as most are entering the space completely blind. When I say rise, I dont mean back anywhere close to what they were even 6 months ago, but I do see it being a more defined price based on the market value. The market would need to even out for CBD to make sense on the retail market. I see most companies moving over to buying on a “PER MG” basis, rather than “Per KG” or other volume based scale. This would force the wholesale market to reflect the retail market so the industry was profitable as a whole, not just one sector.

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Guess I’ll have to start working on my mushy game for when that finally comes around :man_shrugging:


Mushy as in mushrooms ?
Hell Yes i see a great future for shrooms this decade wheter it be for food or extraction

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Smokable market is great if your flower actually looks and smells nice.

I have friends doing indoor hemp and selling packs for $1000 a pop. They sell out before its even dry.

Granted its only 120-150 lbs/run, but thats plenty to make money.

My advice is dont buy into anyones hype, be it positive or negative.

The existence of Marlboro does not mean that some craft cigar maker selling $100 cigars cannot still crush it with a multi-million dollar business.

Not everyone wants McDonalds CBD.

My advice, find a niche and build a solid team.

My prediction, 2020 BM thc will blow up. Get yer autoflower seeds while you can! :joy:


Yep, I’ve got to get caught up on the psilocybes. I know that just like cannabis pre-legalization there are those who are light years ahead of the game right now, primed for legalization. An indoor grow of THC flower combined with mass production of mushies in the compost pile would be a hell of a gig to be part of.


Go 4 it
I have been making lions mane srooms for 9 months Now and it s great reveneu
The cybins are a next big thing indeed


Get aquainted with methods of extracting shrooms even at gr scale it will get you ready


any word on those new rule strains? I’m hunting