Hemp Crude- $68/kilo-- 67% cannabinoids---2000+ kilos available

We are currently offering bulk, decarbed hemp crude. It is winterized below .5% wax. 5000ppm max ethanol.

Prices are:

$95/kg- 1-50kg
$84/kg- 50-200kg
$79/kg- 200-500kg
$68/kg- 500kg+

We can also do CBDa dominant crude upon request.

Email sales@schaumburgprocessing.com or DM with questions.


You out of Schaumburg IL?

Yes we are.

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For future reference, please sell hemp products here and not in classifieds.



Will do. Thanks for the clarification.

Oh my lanta.
Good bye hemp market…

Just doing some rough numbers
3200lb per acre.
20lbs per L of crude.
160L of crude for 68ea = 11k?
After farming and extraction ur looking at what 6k profit?
$0.14/sq foot…


6 k profit per acre doesn’t seem to bad for what it is. Farming and extracting of a legal product

For 2019, crop revenue for corn is projected at $738 per acre based on a 208 bushel per acre yield and a $3.55 per bushel price.Jun 11, 2020.

You want more profit then that gotta face a little heat in the kitchen


We buy biomass. We can sell at this price because we have an extremely efficient crude-extraction process. With isolate prices at $300/kg, refinement labs need affordable feedstock. We’d prefer to do toll processing, but farmers tend to want money over buckets of oil that may or may not sell.


What’s your toll price to winterized decarbed crude on 100k lbs?

These numbers didn’t quite seem right so I did a little guesstimating:
I’m an extractor not a farmer so I can’t confirm or deny 3200 lbs/acre but for sorted biomass it seems a bit high IMO.

To get 20 lbs per kilo (I don’t use liters because nobody is measuring liters in a 5 gallon bucket with no markings) on W/D material at 3.7-3.8 grams yield per percent per pound suggests an average yield of 13.1-13.5% which from experience is less than 1/10th of my tolling clients material. Average yield is more like 7-9% depending on how much the farmer has their shit together and how well their equipment sorts stalks, seeds and stems from good bud, as well as how much kief it knocks off in the process. On a toll that means almost twice as much $ into tolling cost, on a split it means giving up more than half of your return depending on the lab.


We can toll to winterized crude for $3/lb

That all depends on what you’re including in your “profit”. I know the corn game very well and I can assure you farmers get more than what’s told in USDA data site. All kinds of gov’t subsidies for whatever they’re using the corn for

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Can we just keep weed illegal lol :laughing:


Why on earth would you be selling at $68 per kg when the market is 95-120$ per kg even on thousands of kgs? What’s wrong with your crude?


We get about 1500 lbs per acre and that’s in willamette valley Oregon. 3200lbs is insane.

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Cheap doesn’t mean bad, I mean, if it’s good crude and they make a profit then I can see them selling out of stock pretty fast. If that’s the case, why not? If others can’t match then they gotta learn to keep up, cause at that price he can hook everyone else’s custies.

From a customer perspective it’s exciting as I expect a full market crash in the coming years. Cheap quality smoke for days.


68$ is not sustainable by any means. I extract 4,500 lbs per day with 3 employees, 5k rent, $3.76 per gallon ethanol, 10% loss during extraction, only other consumable is DE, gloves, paper towels, etc and would lose money at that price. It’s ridiculous. And makes it so you can’t pay farmers enough per pound of biomass for them not to take a loss. No more hemp for you… Nobody can sell at that price and make money, nobody.


Depends on whose viewpoint you’re taking, the only other times I’ve seen anything resembling “good” crude for sale at or near this price point was when labs were going out of business and liquidating anything they had. Don’t know why anybody who wants to keep their doors open into the next month or year would be voluntarily selling this low.

Where have you been the last few years? Crude, Distillate and Isolate are all trading inside of 10% of what they were commanding in 2018.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, prices are artificially high and it’s a direct result of the government limiting the number of grows and over regulating the market. If it were fully legal, I sincerely believe there almost wouldn’t even be an industry because weed is extremely easy to grow and I can make a years supply in the corner of my back yard. I don’t think people comprehend how much weed Texas would produce if we were allowed to. This is simply an objective fact.

Oh and don’t even get me started on Chinese imported material, once that inevitably takes over the market, because America idiots love to export all of our industries, sellers are going to be looking back on the golden goose days of $200 kilos of crude.

I mean, to the end users, a gram of RSO in Cali goes for what, $20-30? In Illinois, that exact same gram is suddenly $90. The industry is propped up cardboard, not trying to be a doom sayer but these are hard fax yo.


On weed, sure. For hemp I have a much harder time believing the gov is limiting anything considering the massive oversupply on the biomass side, which in turn impacts prices downstream of extracts and derivatives like crude, distillate and isolate.

The grains to make beer are pretty easy to grow too and brewing beer isn’t rocket science, yet the number of people who consume beer from breweries instead of making it in their basement is considerably higher. Whiskey isn’t terribly hard to make from beer either, and yet that industry doesn’t seem to be racing to the bottom on prices quite like this industry is engaging in.

How much of that number purchasing from legal distribution outlets is taxes and how much of that figure makes its way back to the grower or processor?